We.  Made.  It.  

Some of us, barely.  Some of us, joyously.  Some of us are stockpiling things.   But we made it.  Through one of the most contentious elections in our nation’s history.  Through a year that saw some of the most epic scientists, artists, musicians, nostalgic icons leave the earth.  Through a time when social media frenzy became more than many of us cared to be a part of anymore, and yet we made it.   

You know what that means?   You need a drink.  YOU NEED A DRINK for this, dammit.   Here are three holiday concoctions I slurried up in my existential crisis that was coming to terms with this 2016.  Sip one down, there is something for everyone.  Enjoy your New Year celebrations, and lets do what people do.  Move forward.  

First – The White Christmas

White Christmas
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  1. 1 Part Bailey's Irish Cream
  2. 1 Part Rumpleminze
  3. 1 Part Half n Half
  4. Dash of Amaretto
  5. Crushed Candy Cane rim
  1. In a blender, combine equal parts Bailey's, Rumpleminze, Half n Half and crushed ice. Top with a layer of Amaretto. Whip and blend to a frothy consistency.
  2. Rim glasses with crushed candy cane (use a lime or sugar water to stick).
  3. Pour into glasses, garnish with candy cane.
  4. Cheers!
Tipsy Shaker http://tipsyshaker.com/
 Next – The YESWECRAN  

I’m a big fan of Obama <3   And politics aside it is a wonderful thing to have been a part of our nation’s history of electing the first black President, and of having such a warm and wonderful family in the White House.  

The message of hope is one we can always keep.   And cranberries make it even better.  I threw in some coconut vodka from Three Olives to salute his Hawaiian roots. 

Yes We Cran
Simple and elegant.
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  1. 2 shots Coconut Vodka (Three Olives Elvis Presley Coconut Water Vodka)
  2. Cranberry Soda (if not available, cranberry juice and sprite to taste)
  3. Dash of Orange Juice.
  1. In a shaker, combine the vodka, soda, and orange juice.
  2. Shake lightly.
  3. Strain into martini glass, keeping out ice chips.
  4. Cheers!
Tipsy Shaker http://tipsyshaker.com/

Finally – the Go Go Godzilla Juice

I have been commissioned to create a New Year’s Eve party cocktail.   The party’s host owns a Bearded Dragon, and is unleashing him (gently) on her Christmas Village to knock it all down and have some fun putting 2016 behind us.   The drink is simple, and because she has several teetotalers not drinking that evening, you can make a virgin drink with Ginger Beer, Pineapple or OJ, and a teensy drop of green food coloring.  The key, is that swirly swizzle lime peel – as reptilian as a garnish can be.  Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!    May any bridges you burn light your way.  

Go Go Godzilla Juice
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  1. 10 large limes
  2. 1 Ltr Midori Melon Liqueur
  3. Three Olives Coconut Water Vodka (Malibu Rum can also be substituted)
  4. Ginger Beer (Trader Joes makes a nice one- this is non alcoholic)
  5. Cup OJ
  6. Crushed Ice
  1. This can be made into a punch as well. To start, Use a potato peeler around each lime into a curl (top around the lime to bottom)... each curl can be cut in half so you have 20 curls. Put these into each glass for the party...they can be chilled prior. When ready, pour crushed ice over each curl and stick straw in prior to straining the drink.
  2. For individual drink -
  3. 1.5 shot of Midori
  4. 1.5 shot coconut vodka or rum
  5. Fill with Ginger Beer
  6. Glug of OJ (pineapple can substitute)
  7. Shake together and strain into glass, or if made into a punch ladel over the cups filled with lime curl and ice.
Tipsy Shaker http://tipsyshaker.com/


The Mint Julep

April showers bring May flowers.  What do Mayflowers bring?  

 – DID YOU KNOW that the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock because the Captain was running low on beer?  It’s true!   May flowers (specifically ROSES) also bring the running of the Kentucky Derby the first Saturday in May, and the ubiquitous Mint Julep – a break from beer and many people’s introduction to bourbon.  So what IS bourbon?  Where beer may be the hydrating beginnings of our American history, bourbon is our roots.

Woodford Reserve, official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby

As the saying goes:  all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Bourbon is uniquely American born and bred, made from 51% or higher corn mash, rye, and barley, and aged in charred white oak barrels (used only once…then sent off for things like maple syrup, or to Mexico for tequila).   ONLY water is allowed to be added, so a true bourbon is only flavored from the charcoal and time.  The barrels are hand lovingly rotated to round out the flavors and aged at minimum 2 years (most every distiller ages much longer than that, and it will say the time on the bottle).   In 1964, Congress declared bourbon “America’s Native Spirit,” and as such it is only allowed to be produced in the U.S. (Kentucky specifically) – like Champagne in France – adding any additional flavors downgrades it to things like honey whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, Moonshine.   In the end we get to enjoy the uniquely sweet silk mouthfeel and rich fire of bourbon.   To boot, the whole thing is LITERALLY THE LAW!  (See 27 CFR ¬ß5.22, (b)(1)(i) )

Here are three fun trivia tidbits you can tell at your Kentucky Derby Party (YOU ARE HAVING A KENTUCKY DERBY PARTY RIGHT?!?!??!    and making the juleps I’m about to post, and hot gluing your crazy hat flowers on as we speak…  RIGHT.)

  1. 90% of all disco balls made in the U.S. are made in Kentucky
  2. The term “brand name” came from the burned brands of distillers on their oak barrel covers to display to patrons of saloons – they could ask for their bourbon by “brand name.”  
  3. Every year, about 120,000 mint juleps are sold at Churchill Downs during the two day Oaks and Derby event.  Since NO ONE wants to muddle that much mint, they actually sell pre-made juleps in bottles from Old Forester (the first brand to begin bottling their bourbon in 1870).  The official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby is Woodford Reserve, which is what I will be using today – because I have slightly fewer houseguests.



Kentucky Bourbon.   (some suggestions – Woodford Reserve, Makers Mark, Four Roses, Basil Hayden’s (the lightest proof at 80)…if you’re feeling frisky go ahead and get Wild Turkey 101 proof – but do not blame me for your actions).  The lower the proof (40% = 80 proof, double the % of alchohol for the proof – it’s on the bottle), the more the sweet bourbon taste.  The higher, the more “lighterfluid” experience you have.  ūüôā  

Fresh mint.   (they sell it in the produce section – Spearmint is a nice mellow mint, peppermint is a little brasher)

Simple Syrup.  (you can boil sugar water at home, but it’s messy – buy a premade at your liquor store – you can even put some of your mint leaves in it and let it infuse a day or two before)

CRUSHED ice.   Not cubes.  Crushed.   (you can take a mallet to your cubes in a bag if you feel like it…could relieve some tension, or bust them up in a blender)

FOR THE CLASSIC Silver cup, you can find some nice mint julep glasses from $10.00 at Bed Bath & Beyond,  or you can run the gamut on Amazon.   If you just want to enjoy your damn party, use any glass you would like – this particular cocktail is as good in plastic as it is in silver.  ūüôā  


The rest is easy street:  

In the bottom of your cup take a few sprigs of mint leaves, remove stems, and muddle them with a wooden muddler or the business end of a spoon.   Crush the leaves to release the oil and kind of pulp the mint up.  Pour about a half shot of simple syrup on top of the mint (you can get creative here if you’re feeling it – maple syrup?  flavored syrups that pair with mint?  go nuts – but I recommend traditional for your first julep).  Pour two very generous shots of bourbon per glass.  A tip with bourbon is that there are “solids” in the bottle that open the flavor when you turn the bottle upright and back a few times, so multipours are encouraged, honey.  ūüėČ  Now fill the glass with crushed ice and stir a touch.  When you watch Southerners make a julep they HEAP crushed ice well above the lip of the glass – because it will melt in that heat.  If you’re making this in a colder climate you can cool it on the ice – fill to the top and garnish with a mint sprig.   Shove a straw down in that baby and sip away!  

These are strong.  Eat a canap√©.  Take a sweet tea break in between juleps.  Bet on the grey.  Wear your BIGGEST HAT.   I’ll post my GLORIOUS surprise Derby Hat picture tomorrow along with guests and juleps.  

GO BABY GO!  Happy Derby-ing!    

(OK! Now go back and read this post in Annie Pott’s voice!)   


Here is a cool timeline as well, for you trivia buffs out there.


The Ramos Raspberry Gin Fizz

Does this Mardi Gras make my Tuesday look fat?

HAPPY MARDI GRAS!¬† FAT TUESDAY!¬† Is there a more eclectic beloved American city than New Orleans?¬† I vote no.¬† I’ve had a love affair with Louisiana since my two year stint there as a little girl where I drawled my first sentence – “This is ma howme momma” and my healthy (???) obsession with Steel Magnolias, Hope Floats, and Harry Connick Jr.

At the end of the 1800s the bushy-moustached Henry C. Ramos, mixoligist and principled bar owner extraordinaire created this brilliant fizz at his Imperial Cabinet Saloon off Canal street, where they hired shaker boys to give the drink it’s required two minute shake.¬† The drink was a New Orleans staple and a must-do on tourist lists.¬† Then came Prohibition, and Ramos gave the newspapers his secret recipe, famously poured his last fizz, and closed his saloon doors.
When booze was back in business, so too was this lovely drink.  Bartenders everywhere scrambled to learn how to whip this fluffy joy into a glass.
I will share the original newspaper recipe post verbatim, in honor of the great HC Ramos, and then I’ll show you my twist.
“That delightful old gentleman, Henry C. Ramos, whose palace de
palate, coarsely called a bar, was known before July of 1919 to every real connoisseur of drinks in the civilized world, has consented to
publish for the first time his formula for the ‚ÄėONE AND ONLY ONE,‚Äô
Otherwise and more commonly named RAMOS’ ORIGINAL GIN FIZZ.‚ÄĚ
Here is his recipe, verbatim:
“(1) One tablespoonful powdered sugar.
Three or four drops of Orange Flower Water.
One-half lime (Juice).
One-half lemon (Juice).
(1) One Jigger of Old Tom Gin. (Old Gordon may be used but a sweet gin is preferable).
The white of one egg.
One-half glass of crushed ice.
About (2) tablespoonsful of rich milk or cream.
A little Seltzer water (about an ounce) to make it pungent.
Together well shaken and strained (drink freely).
Buy this:


It’s pleasant to make…yes, you can skip the egg if you’re scared or use powdered egg (the method at a bar)…


I punched a little hole in an egg to drain the egg white out into a bowl.
Fill shaker with ice… Two solid shots of gin.¬† Two solid shots of Chambord.¬† One shot of heavy cream.¬† Four tablespoons of simple syrup. Squeeze half a lime.¬† Dump that egg white in aaannnnd SHAKE THE SHIT OUT OF IT.
Vigorous shake.   Dance around a little.  Play some jazz.
….. OK you’re done.
Strain the silky mixture into a high ball or pint or a ball jar or a Go-cup with Lagniappe… Any damn glass you want, it’s Mardi Gras…just enjoy.
You should leave an inch at the top clear to fill with club soda. (NOT TONIC.  NO.  NONONO)  It will Fizz!  This is good.   It should be a petal pink frothy foamy pouf of delicate lovely imbibery.  Now shave some lime on top, pop a loopy straw in there and drink it down!
You’ve just enjoyed an American classic.



Warning…this drink was “not of interest to ladies”…so, obviously all my girls may want to have a couple of these bad boys.¬† ūüėČ
Laissez les bon temps rouler!


Did you know that February is mating season for skunks?¬† Doesn’t that make Pepe Le Pew make alllllll the sense in the world?¬† Valentine’s Day is coming, and for you ladies and gents who want to surprise your loveydove with a sweet concoction (or if you’re alone and prefer to drink…alone… That’s cool too, this is entirely appropriate for that), I’ve made a chocolate raspberry martini that Is. To. Die. For.

And don’t be afraid…you cannot really screw this up and the ingredients are simple.
Buy this:


Stoli Chocolate Raspberry vodka.
Godiva chocolate liqueur.
Cream (half n half is perfect too, and you can substitute for various lactose issues…the booze will carry it).

Make it!
Pour a half shot of Chambord into a martini glass and swirl.
In your shaker put two shots of everything else (over ice…this should fill a martini glass) and shake substantially.


Pour the shaker into your glass and VIOLA!


If you want you can toss some pretty little raspberries in it too.

The flavor is full and smooth but strong.¬† You’ll enjoy.¬† She’ll enjoy.¬† He’ll enjoy.¬† Happy Valentine’s Day ya stinkers.


Super BowlL

No, I’m not doing a Superbowl drink, since it is on RIGHT THIS MINUTE and you better have your party loaded up. ¬†I will however, cheers you for a nice Sunday game thus far (and I’m enjoying the commercials this year, finally). ¬†If you haven’t tried Pretzel beer yet then you are missing out on two game tastes in one.

I’m going to enjoy one and a Guinness of course, once I sober up from taste testing the Mardi Gras and Valentine drinks I made today. ¬† Enjoy the game! ¬† *hiccup

The Bowie


The world lost a special soul at the beginning of this year.  David Bowie was an icon, a rock god, a wisp draped in fashion and sensual strangeness.

He was weird.  I think that is my favorite thing about Bowie.  He was just SO weird, and unapologetically so, to the point that he just was himself and others accepted it as is.  He was a champion of all that ever wanted to just be.  Let their freak flag fly.  Or not.  Just be. He was art that moved off the gallery wall and onto a stage.  Dripping paint and makeup and sculpture.  You could love all of his music, you could love some.  Maybe you just loved his presence or nostalgic vibe.  But he was there Рthis man painting Рthere in all our modern loves and space explorations and technology and back down to earth again.   And to leave our world with one last work of performance art Рwhat a gift.

This drink is inspired by the strange beauty of David Bowie (who was quite vocally a sober person  post Р1970s with his children and would not even try a sip of it Рfair is fair, sir).

I wanted to portray the iconic eyes of Bowie.   In reading up on them DID YOU KNOW he did not have two different colored eyes, but instead was punched squarely in one eye at age 15 in a fight over a girl.  He and the other man were friends long after and he thanked him for giving him a blown out pupil that gave him  an enigmatic mystique for the rest of his life.

1/2 shot Blue Curacao

1/2 shot Grand Marnier

Top with Cannonball blast spiced rum.

The taste is harsh but full, it is not a shot for the weary. ¬†The two colors combine in the center into an alien green prism rainbow. ¬† It’s sweet. ¬†It’s strong. ¬†It’s weird.

Cheers.  To David.   The Bowie.



Gingerbros and Crockpot Pufferfish.


when the world calls a cab.

Yes it’s holiday party time. A time when people of all ilks converge at the year’s end to celebrate their beginnings, endings, festivals of lights, offerings of gratitude for family, health, making it this far without disowning crazy drunk Uncle Larry. ¬† It’s a good time to be alive, this month of December. ¬†Some people get bonuses from bosses. ¬†Some people get to see long lost family or friends. ¬†People propose. ¬†People get served divorce papers…LOOK whatever is going on in your life, it’s time to drink, AMIRIGHT?! ¬†And what better way than to have a gathering of coworkers, neighbors you just met, or people from your dodgeball team to get schnockered with?

I have come up with two must haves if you are hosting or even just showing up uninvited to a Holiday Party (PRO TIP…in case you are party crashing, always bring a 30 pack of beer and a bottle of liquor. ¬† ¬†No one will turn you away. ¬†No one.) ¬†(PRO TIP…previous pro tip does not apply to church parties or children’s classroom parties).


For Crockpot Boozin (also known as Swedish Glögg)


Bottle of Shiraz or Malbec.   THE BIG CHEAP ONE  Рyou know the one.

1/2 cup Brandy

1/4 cup Whisky

1/2 cup Apple Cider

Cloves stuck into a Peeled Orange, plus orange peels


Dump all of these into a crock pot and let it warm (no boiling necessary) all day til party time. ¬† You’ll thank the Swedes for 1) knowing how to make one helluva holiday drink 2) making your entire party house smell DIVINE and 3) you can tell everyone you’ve made poisonous puffer fish for dinner.


Festive little guy.

A holiday cocktail that requires a little work is in order as well. ¬†And I mean A LITTLE work. ¬†You have so much schmoozy catch up fun to have that you do not want to complicate matters with cocktails. ¬†TWO LIQUORS make this Gingerbread flavored drink, which we will call a Gingerbro. ¬†Because. ¬†GINGERBRO. ¬†I mean…

*(this is crafted for the annual Hilty Christmas Party btw… ¬†and my many lifelong friends that attend far far away – cheers to my brosties and besties)




I only put the Coke bottle in the pic because it is caayute! ¬†Unfortunately when shaken with Rumchata, it creates a jelled blob that you really don’t want.

This makes three options depending on how busy you are in hosting duties.

  1.  SHOTS!  SHOTS!  SHOTS!  SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! Р  pour equal parts Rumchata and Fireball into a shot glass.   Bottoms Up!
  2. Party Theme Drink Р in your shaker, pour equal parts Rumchata and Fireball over some cracked ice.  Add a dash of cream to lighten it up, and shake that Gingerbro up.   On a side plate, smash the ever-loving hell out of some Teddy Grahams until they are unrecognizable.  Wet the rim of a short or tall rocks glass and dip into the teddy dust.  If you have time order THESE as your swizzle stir sticks and no one will ever stop talking about how creative you are.
  3. Fancy Tini Рin your shaker, equal parts Rumchata and Fireball over cracked ice.  Add a dash of cream, shake shake shake.  Rim the martini glass with the teddy dust (or cinnamon sugar if you prefer), and strain your shaker contents into the glass.


On any of those, you find these little gingerbread cookies at Walgreen’s (inspired from this blog drink¬†with a beautiful holiday Russian that you should also make some other time) and they make a super cute garnish with – AGAIN – no effort. ¬†None. ¬†Except going to Walgreen’s – and you needed to get a last minute Secret Santa gift anyway- ¬†so – bonus!

YOU PARTY ANIMALS!   Get ta drinkin.  And eating.  And being merry.


For tomorrow we start election season.





Dranksgiving! The Cranberry Gobbler and Apple Pie Mule

We have arrived Рthe twilight of 2015!  Can you believe it?!  Neither can I.

It’s been a rough month – this November. ¬†The world took a couple punches. That seemed to create a bit of divisiveness, division, fear among the great American social experiment. ¬†I just so happen to be in what history crowns the birthplace of the first Thanksgiving – Cape Cod, Massachusetts. ¬†And it just so happens that after the pilgrims landed here four hundred years ago (say that out loud…wow… FOUR HUNDRED) (yes technically 396 ya little fact checkers) – there was also divisiveness, division, and fear.

No matter how you want to crack that egg of history, you know what solved the problems they had? ¬†Working together. ¬† And a big fat harvest feast didn’t hurt. Many many thanks to Squanto who offered humanity and love and taught my own ancestors how to plant some corn and not die, and to people around the world who fight fear with love.

WHAT IS BETTER TO TOAST TO THAN THAT!? ¬† ¬† ¬†Let’s get on with this drink business, shall we? ¬†I made two very simple drinks – because Ain’t nobody got time for complex ANYTHING when you’re basting a turkey and making 25 unique sides you found on Pinterest.

Buy these things:  tgives5

Cape Cod Cranberry Soda, Stoli Gala Apple (any apple vodka is fine), Apple Cider, Peach Schnapps, Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer (ginger beer is much stronger in flavor), nips of Fireball cinnamon whiskey and lime vodka.   One giant Mum flower dressed as a turkey (optional).  One toothpick holder of Wampanoag natives and pilgrims holding hands (required).

We’ll begin with the Cranberry Gobbler –¬†tgives2

This is an easy drink to make – you can build in the glass, and I recommend a cinnamon sugar rim – just rub some of the apple slice around the rim – it’ll do the stick trick – and dip the rim onto a plate of cin/sugar. ¬† If you want this to be fancier, shake and strain into a martini glass and plop some fresh cranberries in.

STEPS: ¬† ¬† ¬†Rim the glass first. ¬†It is REALLY hard to rim the glass later. ¬† ¬† Fill some tall glasses with ice cubes, one or two shots of apple vodka, one shot of peach schnapps (the peach will overpower the flavors, so do not go more than one shot), ¬†fill to the top with cranberry soda. ¬†Drizzle some Fireball cinnamon whiskey on top (to taste). ¬† You can garnish with an apple slice pierced with a Craisin, like I did, or cinnamon sticks are fun. ¬† It’s light and fruity and a good sipper while you cook.

Next!  The Apple Pie Mule!


I made this for two reasons – I recently acquired a mule mug, and I love apple pie everything. ¬† Mules are all the rage – and simple as pie, quite frankly. ¬†The copper mug is important, but honestly if you don’t have one I will not tell a soul. ¬†Call it an ‘apple pie donkey’ and be good with it.

STEPS: ¬†Crushed ice is best in this drink. ¬†Fill a mug 2/3 with ice. ¬†In your shaker, fill a solid half with apple vodka and half apple cider. ¬†Swish it around to blend. ¬†Fill your mug halfway with the swish, drizzle some lime vodka (or squeeze a lime if you have a fresh one), and fill with Ginger beer. ¬†(I used ginger ale this time around and it isn’t quite as authentic. ¬†Use ginger beer – it’ll taste zestier). ¬†Pop an apple and a cinnamon stick on that bad boy and serve these up.

I wish wonderful warm bountiful goodness on all of you this Thanksgiving.  We are all very lucky indeed, to celebrate the open arm embrace of our heritage.

Happy Thanksgiving!





The Ghostbuster and a Black & Orange

Who is READY FOR HALLOWEEN!? ¬†One week away … So you better be hot gluegunning the last bling onto your “Sexy Bernie Sanders” costumes today, ladies and gents.

I am watching Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time. ¬†I know…I know. Somehow in all the years of OWNING Halloween, I have missed this crucial piece. ¬† No time like the present! Are you back from the pumpkin patch today? ¬†If so I bet you need a beer. ¬†And I bet you’re sick of pumpkin everything. ¬†Well breathe a sigh of relief, it’s almost over.


Buy these things: IMG_20151023_183830

I split a Guinness with my favorite pumpkin beer from Magic Hat today, but found a really cool Harpoon Coriander and Orange a’Peel to make my Black and Orange! ¬†Remember the Pope Floats technique? ¬†Same thing! ¬†Guinness floats on light beers, and while it is a perfect fall beer on it’s own, it is heavy…the meal of beers, so splitting it makes it fun and drinkable for non Irish ūüėČ. ¬†You can layer just about any light beer you enjoy. ¬†This works ASHMAZINGLY with ciders and shandys bee tee dubs. ¬† Pick your favorite fall flavor and go nuts! ¬†Here is the Black and Orange :

PhotoGrid_1445655533979HOW: ¬†Fill a pint glass halfway with your beer choice. ¬†Take that spoon, lay across the glass with end touching the inside. Crack a can of Guinness open, let it foam out the top a little, pour over the rounded part of the spoon. ¬†It will “settle” onto your beer and look like this:


Ok, enjoy that out of your Guinness glass (Get a set. . . Take that as you wish.)

So let’s get to the good stuff. ¬† You want a shot? ¬†A real shot?! A drop shot of epic proportions, cats and dogs… living together!? Mass hysteria?

Then you want The Ghostbuster.

PhotoGrid_1445655690066You’ll need: ¬†

Bailey’s (I used a salted caramel flavor and it was rad). ¬†Kahlua. Triple Sec. Crown Royal. ¬†Cola. ¬†

In a rocks glass pour yourself a shot of crown and fill the glass halfway with cola. ¬†In a shot glass, fill 1/3 with Kahlua, 1/3 Triple Sec, and top with Bailey’s (it will float automatically)…

Now…this is a drop shot so prepare as many of these as you like, have everyone hold their glasses at ready, and drop the shot into the glass of crown and coke. You can watch the ghouls come alive in the glass, but hurry and chug or you’ll get slimed! That Bailey’s curdles up in cola if left to it’s own defenses.



The Ghostbuster! ¬† I’ll warn you now I’ve put big bad men into a trance with this shot. It sneaks up on you…so, only one. ¬†We all know sequels are never what they’re cracked up to be.

…I can’t feel my face when I’m with you…but I love it.

Happy Halloweening! ūüéÉ