Cheers and welcome!

Is there a better joy than gathering with friends and sharing a special libation and a weekly catch-up? For my past (cough cough) two decades, that was Friday happy hour.

Years of bartending and soiree throwing gave me some really great tips on crafting drinks, and lifelong friends with a humorous take on the whys and whos and hows of the universe.

With the birth of my son and a move to a New England coastal community, I traded my bar rag for the legal field, and a fully stocked liquor cabinet for a weekly craft beer find in the fridge.

Since my baby shower gifts did not include a full time nanny – and I bet yours didn’t either – I’ve taken to making stay at home weekends fun by mixing a drink based on the season, the holiday, the whim. I’d like to share those ideas with you – show you what on earth “painting the glass” really means, what ice is best in a rum and coke, how to get that salt to stick to your margarita rim, and how to mix for a party. Cocktails can be art, and the breakdown makes them fun AND easy for anyone to join me in creating. Hide that old bottle of red for a night (or break it out for Sangria week) and check out the wow you can make for yourself or friends.

Shake up your weekend!