The Bowie


The world lost a special soul at the beginning of this year.  David Bowie was an icon, a rock god, a wisp draped in fashion and sensual strangeness.

He was weird.  I think that is my favorite thing about Bowie.  He was just SO weird, and unapologetically so, to the point that he just was himself and others accepted it as is.  He was a champion of all that ever wanted to just be.  Let their freak flag fly.  Or not.  Just be. He was art that moved off the gallery wall and onto a stage.  Dripping paint and makeup and sculpture.  You could love all of his music, you could love some.  Maybe you just loved his presence or nostalgic vibe.  But he was there – this man painting – there in all our modern loves and space explorations and technology and back down to earth again.   And to leave our world with one last work of performance art – what a gift.

This drink is inspired by the strange beauty of David Bowie (who was quite vocally a sober person  post – 1970s with his children and would not even try a sip of it – fair is fair, sir).

I wanted to portray the iconic eyes of Bowie.   In reading up on them DID YOU KNOW he did not have two different colored eyes, but instead was punched squarely in one eye at age 15 in a fight over a girl.  He and the other man were friends long after and he thanked him for giving him a blown out pupil that gave him  an enigmatic mystique for the rest of his life.

1/2 shot Blue Curacao

1/2 shot Grand Marnier

Top with Cannonball blast spiced rum.

The taste is harsh but full, it is not a shot for the weary.  The two colors combine in the center into an alien green prism rainbow.   It’s sweet.  It’s strong.  It’s weird.

Cheers.  To David.   The Bowie.



The Bloody Mary

“The only cure for a real hangover is death.”
― Robert Benchley


2015 is IN THE BOOKS.    We crash landed that wound up year into a fiery heap didn’t we?  Walked away without looking back?     And then woke in the morning to a fresh scrubbed 2016 – full of promise and … headache.
From the dawn of the drink humans have been seeking out the elusive cure for the dreaded hangover.  Aside from death, as quoted above, there is really only time…

Bloody Mary Time!

This classic drink has evolved from an odd serendipitous mash of American prohibition, Russian refugee Smirnov who fled to Paris and brought vodka, a comedian named George Jessel who decided his hangover needed both tomato juice cocktail AND a shot, and a Parisian bartender Pete Petoit who fancied it up into a real drink (nod to Chicago for throwing in a unique “stirrer” celery stalk).   Petoit worked at Harry’s New York Bar en Paris (a real Manhattan bar dismanted and re-built overseas so traveling Americans could flip a finger at the 18th amendment), where our old friend Ernie Hemingway knocked back morning cocktails. Hemingway then took Mary viral
in his travels to Hong Kong, to Africa, to everywhere Hemingway drank…which was everywhere.  That makes the Bloody Mary (originally called a Red Snapper) the original international breakfast of champions.  Hemingway is quoted as saying:

“Make a pitcher of Blood Marys (any smaller amount is worthless)”

He’s right, so make this as big as you can because it’s messy business and it’s good to have more than one.


Bloody Mary mix. I recommend Master of Mixes. It has everything you need in it already, if you just want a good, tasty, lazy Mary. It also doesn’t have High Fructose Corn Syrup (read your ingredients).

Vodka. Absolut Peppar is pretty cool if you like spicy. I chose Skinny Girl nude vodka because it’s actually a little weaker (70 proof) than normal 80 proof vodka. The Bloody was created because vodka is, well, booooring. The snoozefest of booze. The fun is in the additions to the cocktail.

Margarita salt (for the rim). Lime. Horseradish and Lea & Perrins Worcestershire (wooster_shire)(you’re welcome) sauce. Celery salt. Green Olives. Celery stalks. Tabasco sauce.

Optional: Shrimp. Sharp cheddar cubes. Pickles. Chicken wings. Tiny hamburgers. Grilled cheese triangles. Steak. Tiramisu. Movie popco…ok I’m kidding.

This is the easiest drink to make, and you really get to make it your own. Rim your glass with salt, fill with ice…and begin.

Use a shaker (pitcher if you’re Hemingway). Liquor is always first in. Do NOT skimp on vodka. Two shots per drink is fine…more is fine. The mix is hard to cut through unless you are using V8.


Fill with mix.
Now slosh it around, stir it, mix it up. Start shaking your chosen spices in. Two dashes of Tabasco per drink is usually good. Worcestershire sauce is tricky. Do it if you want the Mary meaty. A dash or two in a pitcher. This applies for horseradish. Don’t forget most mixes contain this stuff…don’t over salt. Keep taste testing to make sure you like it. Squeeze a lime wedge into your glass. Shake some celery salt if you have it. You can even add a dash of dark beer (our bar secret).
Pour the mixture over ice into your pint glass (any tall glass will work), and then have fun with things on picks. Don’t forget a straw to get to the drink through your creation. Plop in a cut celery stalk and BAM! You’re on your way to Vitamins and hydration…and vodka!

Pro tip- NEVER order a Bloody Mary on an airplane. It is really just tomato juice and vodka, and we are not animals.

Good luck with your hangover. Good luck with 2016.