Toddy and Chill (the cold toddy)




March!   A month of daffodils, St. Patrick’s Day parades, Spring…  It’s probably the most unpredictable weather month we have – will it snow, will it rain, will it blow your house away?  Every now and again we get a beautiful day and the hint of what is to come wakes us up from our winter blahs.

I am fairly Irish.  Fair.  Irish.  And not 100%.  But I was raised by parents whose parents parents parents came across the sea when potatoes didn’t work in their favor, and who kept certain traditions alive in us.   I sometimes hear that St. Patrick’s Day is somehow a mockery, a made up holiday for college kids to get drunk.  I would argue that every holiday is a day for college kids to get drunk, but St. Patrick’s Day, when you are raised with Irish roots, is a day when you remember why the Irish people fared well through history’s beat downs.  Humor. Magic. Luck.  Wit.  Boiled corned meat.  And yes…a good pint and a shot of whiskey.

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There are plenty of green drinks to be had, Guinness to be drank, and Jameson or Bushmills depending on your ilk (Jameson is a Catholic whiskey, by family, and Bushmills is a Protestant whiskey.  As such, both are divine.) If you grew up Irish, or if you have ever known an Irish rooted person in your life, you’ve probably had a hot toddy pushed on you when you felt a cold coming on.  I used to make them for patrons at my bar when they had a sniffle, and I knew I was doing what my great great grandmother Jane O’Malley herself would be proud of.   A hot toddy is a tea of honey, lemon, whiskey, and boiling water.   In looking around for a good drink to make for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, and the impending Spring, I decided that a twist on the hot toddy – a COLD toddy, was in order.  In researching I spent some time nosed into The Dead Rabbit’s cocktail book (HIGHLY recommend for fun and beautiful photos) and noticed their use of lemon sorbet.  I decided this would make the perfect base for a nice cold toddy for spring!  So let’s get to it shall we:


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  • Jameson or Bushmills Irish Whiskey
  • Lemon Sorbet (to taste, you can choose tart or creamy – the Haagen Daas was fairly tart)
  • Evan Williams Honey Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
  • Club Soda


In a blender, add three scoops of sorbet, three shots of honey whiskey, three shots of Irish whiskey and fill to the halfway mark with club soda.  Pulse and blend the ingredients.

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Rim your glass with sugar. (any glass will do – I chose a little Irish coffee mug for the spirit of the toddy)

I found some little clover rings for Paddy parties and noticed they would garnish a glass nicely.  If you REALLY need green for this, you can also drop ONE drop of green food coloring into the blender to be festive.

The Cold Toddy!  Easy as a Spring day!   Cures thirst, a sniffle, and the winter blues.   😉


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