We.  Made.  It.  

Some of us, barely.  Some of us, joyously.  Some of us are stockpiling things.   But we made it.  Through one of the most contentious elections in our nation’s history.  Through a year that saw some of the most epic scientists, artists, musicians, nostalgic icons leave the earth.  Through a time when social media frenzy became more than many of us cared to be a part of anymore, and yet we made it.   

You know what that means?   You need a drink.  YOU NEED A DRINK for this, dammit.   Here are three holiday concoctions I slurried up in my existential crisis that was coming to terms with this 2016.  Sip one down, there is something for everyone.  Enjoy your New Year celebrations, and lets do what people do.  Move forward.  

First – The White Christmas

White Christmas
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  1. 1 Part Bailey's Irish Cream
  2. 1 Part Rumpleminze
  3. 1 Part Half n Half
  4. Dash of Amaretto
  5. Crushed Candy Cane rim
  1. In a blender, combine equal parts Bailey's, Rumpleminze, Half n Half and crushed ice. Top with a layer of Amaretto. Whip and blend to a frothy consistency.
  2. Rim glasses with crushed candy cane (use a lime or sugar water to stick).
  3. Pour into glasses, garnish with candy cane.
  4. Cheers!
Tipsy Shaker http://tipsyshaker.com/
 Next – The YESWECRAN  

I’m a big fan of Obama <3   And politics aside it is a wonderful thing to have been a part of our nation’s history of electing the first black President, and of having such a warm and wonderful family in the White House.  

The message of hope is one we can always keep.   And cranberries make it even better.  I threw in some coconut vodka from Three Olives to salute his Hawaiian roots. 

Yes We Cran
Simple and elegant.
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  1. 2 shots Coconut Vodka (Three Olives Elvis Presley Coconut Water Vodka)
  2. Cranberry Soda (if not available, cranberry juice and sprite to taste)
  3. Dash of Orange Juice.
  1. In a shaker, combine the vodka, soda, and orange juice.
  2. Shake lightly.
  3. Strain into martini glass, keeping out ice chips.
  4. Cheers!
Tipsy Shaker http://tipsyshaker.com/

Finally – the Go Go Godzilla Juice

I have been commissioned to create a New Year’s Eve party cocktail.   The party’s host owns a Bearded Dragon, and is unleashing him (gently) on her Christmas Village to knock it all down and have some fun putting 2016 behind us.   The drink is simple, and because she has several teetotalers not drinking that evening, you can make a virgin drink with Ginger Beer, Pineapple or OJ, and a teensy drop of green food coloring.  The key, is that swirly swizzle lime peel – as reptilian as a garnish can be.  Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR!    May any bridges you burn light your way.  

Go Go Godzilla Juice
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  1. 10 large limes
  2. 1 Ltr Midori Melon Liqueur
  3. Three Olives Coconut Water Vodka (Malibu Rum can also be substituted)
  4. Ginger Beer (Trader Joes makes a nice one- this is non alcoholic)
  5. Cup OJ
  6. Crushed Ice
  1. This can be made into a punch as well. To start, Use a potato peeler around each lime into a curl (top around the lime to bottom)... each curl can be cut in half so you have 20 curls. Put these into each glass for the party...they can be chilled prior. When ready, pour crushed ice over each curl and stick straw in prior to straining the drink.
  2. For individual drink -
  3. 1.5 shot of Midori
  4. 1.5 shot coconut vodka or rum
  5. Fill with Ginger Beer
  6. Glug of OJ (pineapple can substitute)
  7. Shake together and strain into glass, or if made into a punch ladel over the cups filled with lime curl and ice.
Tipsy Shaker http://tipsyshaker.com/