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The world lost a special soul at the beginning of this year.  David Bowie was an icon, a rock god, a wisp draped in fashion and sensual strangeness.

He was weird.  I think that is my favorite thing about Bowie.  He was just SO weird, and unapologetically so, to the point that he just was himself and others accepted it as is.  He was a champion of all that ever wanted to just be.  Let their freak flag fly.  Or not.  Just be. He was art that moved off the gallery wall and onto a stage.  Dripping paint and makeup and sculpture.  You could love all of his music, you could love some.  Maybe you just loved his presence or nostalgic vibe.  But he was there – this man painting – there in all our modern loves and space explorations and technology and back down to earth again.   And to leave our world with one last work of performance art – what a gift.

This drink is inspired by the strange beauty of David Bowie (who was quite vocally a sober person  post – 1970s with his children and would not even try a sip of it – fair is fair, sir).

I wanted to portray the iconic eyes of Bowie.   In reading up on them DID YOU KNOW he did not have two different colored eyes, but instead was punched squarely in one eye at age 15 in a fight over a girl.  He and the other man were friends long after and he thanked him for giving him a blown out pupil that gave him  an enigmatic mystique for the rest of his life.

1/2 shot Blue Curacao

1/2 shot Grand Marnier

Top with Cannonball blast spiced rum.

The taste is harsh but full, it is not a shot for the weary.  The two colors combine in the center into an alien green prism rainbow.   It’s sweet.  It’s strong.  It’s weird.

Cheers.  To David.   The Bowie.



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  1. Here’s a drink I would definitely want. Unfortunately, I can’t drink, but I will definitely keep the recipe and make for a party. Thanks for making a perfect Bowie drink that represents him perfectly…

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