The Crucible

Is there a better month across the board than October?  I’m sure each season can make its case, but October is such a wise winking colorful old man…I just love it.  This past weekend I spent in Salem, MA, where they take their witches, their graveyards, and their Halloween-ing VERY seriously.   If you don’t know the tale of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, then GET OUTTA HERE AND GET A BOOK…  Ok, you can stay, but I’m watching you…  It was a period of time where the accusations of a few immature individuals created a firestorm of paranoia and fear directed at women, who were put to death for alleged witchcraft.  Good times.

ANYWAYYY brooming all current politics aside – visiting Salem is an incredible romp into history with a whole lot of spirit and kitsch.  Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” is a quick history lesson on how things built up into what they did, and is the inspiration for my seasonal spookified brew of a cocktail.  Since it is the time of year when people gather and carve pumpkins, eat warm foods, and unite in their love of costume, I’ll make this as a punch, but it can be created small scale in a shaker for an individual drink.

Punch is usually sweet, and usually rum based or champagney… I decided to tipsyshake things up and add a grapefruit vodka and a shimmery fruit liqueur called Viniq.  It’s a nod to the fun spirit of the Halloween witch, the deep earthy religion of wikka, and the bubbling potions of my ancesto…I mean….let’s just get to the drink then, shall we?

WHAT TO BUY:20151018_144511-1

Burnett’s Grapefruit Vodka

Blue Curacao.   It’s orange liqueur – but it’s blue, but it’s orange.     whooaa.

Bacardi Limon Rum

Viniq Liquer (purple flavor… I seriously don’t know how else to describe it)

2 liter bottle of Sprite

1 can Dole Pineapple Juice

Cider beer

Orange peels and lemon wheels


Since we’re making a punch, get a nice big punch bowl – for this particular effect it is best in clear glass.   Two cups of the vodka and sprite, one cup each of the Curacao, Bacardi, selzer water, the small can of pineapple,  the full bottle of Viniq.  Finally a full bottle of cider beer ( I’m using a very sweet Woodchuck seasonal). You should now have a purplish vat of booze.

I cut an orange peel and twisted it, and put lemon wheels on the glasses.  It’s an easy garnish, and inevitably you’ll have a pirate show up and you can make a scurvy joke.

Do some witchy hand motions over the bowl and ask for true love. No, don’t do that silly, ask for money, duh.  Now let out a cackle!  You’ve done well, apprentice.

Time to party!   Tis the season for fog machines and black lights.   As guests arrive, you can do THIS  with dry ice!  If you have a blacklight  party you can make half water/half tonic ice cubes that will glow ( Thanks, quinine!)

Remember, turn of the 18th century babes gave their lives for this brew. Be kind to the ladies in your life. Don’t believe the hype.

And it’s called PUNCH for a reason.  Go easy, darlings.


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