The Ghostbuster and a Black & Orange

Who is READY FOR HALLOWEEN!?  One week away … So you better be hot gluegunning the last bling onto your “Sexy Bernie Sanders” costumes today, ladies and gents.

I am watching Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time.  I know…I know. Somehow in all the years of OWNING Halloween, I have missed this crucial piece.   No time like the present! Are you back from the pumpkin patch today?  If so I bet you need a beer.  And I bet you’re sick of pumpkin everything.  Well breathe a sigh of relief, it’s almost over.


Buy these things: IMG_20151023_183830

I split a Guinness with my favorite pumpkin beer from Magic Hat today, but found a really cool Harpoon Coriander and Orange a’Peel to make my Black and Orange!  Remember the Pope Floats technique?  Same thing!  Guinness floats on light beers, and while it is a perfect fall beer on it’s own, it is heavy…the meal of beers, so splitting it makes it fun and drinkable for non Irish 😉.  You can layer just about any light beer you enjoy.  This works ASHMAZINGLY with ciders and shandys bee tee dubs.   Pick your favorite fall flavor and go nuts!  Here is the Black and Orange :

PhotoGrid_1445655533979HOW:  Fill a pint glass halfway with your beer choice.  Take that spoon, lay across the glass with end touching the inside. Crack a can of Guinness open, let it foam out the top a little, pour over the rounded part of the spoon.  It will “settle” onto your beer and look like this:


Ok, enjoy that out of your Guinness glass (Get a set. . . Take that as you wish.)

So let’s get to the good stuff.   You want a shot?  A real shot?! A drop shot of epic proportions, cats and dogs… living together!? Mass hysteria?

Then you want The Ghostbuster.

PhotoGrid_1445655690066You’ll need:  

Bailey’s (I used a salted caramel flavor and it was rad).  Kahlua. Triple Sec. Crown Royal.  Cola.  

In a rocks glass pour yourself a shot of crown and fill the glass halfway with cola.  In a shot glass, fill 1/3 with Kahlua, 1/3 Triple Sec, and top with Bailey’s (it will float automatically)…

Now…this is a drop shot so prepare as many of these as you like, have everyone hold their glasses at ready, and drop the shot into the glass of crown and coke. You can watch the ghouls come alive in the glass, but hurry and chug or you’ll get slimed! That Bailey’s curdles up in cola if left to it’s own defenses.



The Ghostbuster!   I’ll warn you now I’ve put big bad men into a trance with this shot. It sneaks up on you…so, only one.  We all know sequels are never what they’re cracked up to be.

…I can’t feel my face when I’m with you…but I love it.

Happy Halloweening! 🎃


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