Dranksgiving! The Cranberry Gobbler and Apple Pie Mule

We have arrived – the twilight of 2015!  Can you believe it?!  Neither can I.

It’s been a rough month – this November.  The world took a couple punches. That seemed to create a bit of divisiveness, division, fear among the great American social experiment.  I just so happen to be in what history crowns the birthplace of the first Thanksgiving – Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  And it just so happens that after the pilgrims landed here four hundred years ago (say that out loud…wow… FOUR HUNDRED) (yes technically 396 ya little fact checkers) – there was also divisiveness, division, and fear.

No matter how you want to crack that egg of history, you know what solved the problems they had?  Working together.   And a big fat harvest feast didn’t hurt. Many many thanks to Squanto who offered humanity and love and taught my own ancestors how to plant some corn and not die, and to people around the world who fight fear with love.

WHAT IS BETTER TO TOAST TO THAN THAT!?      Let’s get on with this drink business, shall we?  I made two very simple drinks – because Ain’t nobody got time for complex ANYTHING when you’re basting a turkey and making 25 unique sides you found on Pinterest.

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Cape Cod Cranberry Soda, Stoli Gala Apple (any apple vodka is fine), Apple Cider, Peach Schnapps, Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer (ginger beer is much stronger in flavor), nips of Fireball cinnamon whiskey and lime vodka.   One giant Mum flower dressed as a turkey (optional).  One toothpick holder of Wampanoag natives and pilgrims holding hands (required).

We’ll begin with the Cranberry Gobbler – tgives2

This is an easy drink to make – you can build in the glass, and I recommend a cinnamon sugar rim – just rub some of the apple slice around the rim – it’ll do the stick trick – and dip the rim onto a plate of cin/sugar.   If you want this to be fancier, shake and strain into a martini glass and plop some fresh cranberries in.

STEPS:      Rim the glass first.  It is REALLY hard to rim the glass later.     Fill some tall glasses with ice cubes, one or two shots of apple vodka, one shot of peach schnapps (the peach will overpower the flavors, so do not go more than one shot),  fill to the top with cranberry soda.  Drizzle some Fireball cinnamon whiskey on top (to taste).   You can garnish with an apple slice pierced with a Craisin, like I did, or cinnamon sticks are fun.   It’s light and fruity and a good sipper while you cook.

Next!  The Apple Pie Mule!


I made this for two reasons – I recently acquired a mule mug, and I love apple pie everything.   Mules are all the rage – and simple as pie, quite frankly.  The copper mug is important, but honestly if you don’t have one I will not tell a soul.  Call it an ‘apple pie donkey’ and be good with it.

STEPS:  Crushed ice is best in this drink.  Fill a mug 2/3 with ice.  In your shaker, fill a solid half with apple vodka and half apple cider.  Swish it around to blend.  Fill your mug halfway with the swish, drizzle some lime vodka (or squeeze a lime if you have a fresh one), and fill with Ginger beer.  (I used ginger ale this time around and it isn’t quite as authentic.  Use ginger beer – it’ll taste zestier).  Pop an apple and a cinnamon stick on that bad boy and serve these up.

I wish wonderful warm bountiful goodness on all of you this Thanksgiving.  We are all very lucky indeed, to celebrate the open arm embrace of our heritage.

Happy Thanksgiving!





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