Gingerbros and Crockpot Pufferfish.


when the world calls a cab.

Yes it’s holiday party time. A time when people of all ilks converge at the year’s end to celebrate their beginnings, endings, festivals of lights, offerings of gratitude for family, health, making it this far without disowning crazy drunk Uncle Larry.   It’s a good time to be alive, this month of December.  Some people get bonuses from bosses.  Some people get to see long lost family or friends.  People propose.  People get served divorce papers…LOOK whatever is going on in your life, it’s time to drink, AMIRIGHT?!  And what better way than to have a gathering of coworkers, neighbors you just met, or people from your dodgeball team to get schnockered with?

I have come up with two must haves if you are hosting or even just showing up uninvited to a Holiday Party (PRO TIP…in case you are party crashing, always bring a 30 pack of beer and a bottle of liquor.    No one will turn you away.  No one.)  (PRO TIP…previous pro tip does not apply to church parties or children’s classroom parties).


For Crockpot Boozin (also known as Swedish Glögg)


Bottle of Shiraz or Malbec.   THE BIG CHEAP ONE  – you know the one.

1/2 cup Brandy

1/4 cup Whisky

1/2 cup Apple Cider

Cloves stuck into a Peeled Orange, plus orange peels


Dump all of these into a crock pot and let it warm (no boiling necessary) all day til party time.   You’ll thank the Swedes for 1) knowing how to make one helluva holiday drink 2) making your entire party house smell DIVINE and 3) you can tell everyone you’ve made poisonous puffer fish for dinner.


Festive little guy.

A holiday cocktail that requires a little work is in order as well.  And I mean A LITTLE work.  You have so much schmoozy catch up fun to have that you do not want to complicate matters with cocktails.  TWO LIQUORS make this Gingerbread flavored drink, which we will call a Gingerbro.  Because.  GINGERBRO.  I mean…

*(this is crafted for the annual Hilty Christmas Party btw…  and my many lifelong friends that attend far far away – cheers to my brosties and besties)




I only put the Coke bottle in the pic because it is caayute!  Unfortunately when shaken with Rumchata, it creates a jelled blob that you really don’t want.

This makes three options depending on how busy you are in hosting duties.

  1.  SHOTS!  SHOTS!  SHOTS!  SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! –   pour equal parts Rumchata and Fireball into a shot glass.   Bottoms Up!
  2. Party Theme Drink –  in your shaker, pour equal parts Rumchata and Fireball over some cracked ice.  Add a dash of cream to lighten it up, and shake that Gingerbro up.   On a side plate, smash the ever-loving hell out of some Teddy Grahams until they are unrecognizable.  Wet the rim of a short or tall rocks glass and dip into the teddy dust.  If you have time order THESE as your swizzle stir sticks and no one will ever stop talking about how creative you are.
  3. Fancy Tini – in your shaker, equal parts Rumchata and Fireball over cracked ice.  Add a dash of cream, shake shake shake.  Rim the martini glass with the teddy dust (or cinnamon sugar if you prefer), and strain your shaker contents into the glass.


On any of those, you find these little gingerbread cookies at Walgreen’s (inspired from this blog drink with a beautiful holiday Russian that you should also make some other time) and they make a super cute garnish with – AGAIN – no effort.  None.  Except going to Walgreen’s – and you needed to get a last minute Secret Santa gift anyway-  so – bonus!

YOU PARTY ANIMALS!   Get ta drinkin.  And eating.  And being merry.


For tomorrow we start election season.