Did you know that February is mating season for skunks?  Doesn’t that make Pepe Le Pew make alllllll the sense in the world?  Valentine’s Day is coming, and for you ladies and gents who want to surprise your loveydove with a sweet concoction (or if you’re alone and prefer to drink…alone… That’s cool too, this is entirely appropriate for that), I’ve made a chocolate raspberry martini that Is. To. Die. For.

And don’t be afraid…you cannot really screw this up and the ingredients are simple.
Buy this:


Stoli Chocolate Raspberry vodka.
Godiva chocolate liqueur.
Cream (half n half is perfect too, and you can substitute for various lactose issues…the booze will carry it).

Make it!
Pour a half shot of Chambord into a martini glass and swirl.
In your shaker put two shots of everything else (over ice…this should fill a martini glass) and shake substantially.


Pour the shaker into your glass and VIOLA!


If you want you can toss some pretty little raspberries in it too.

The flavor is full and smooth but strong.  You’ll enjoy.  She’ll enjoy.  He’ll enjoy.  Happy Valentine’s Day ya stinkers.