Well.   After an eventful two weeks of my computer dying in the midst of online classes and an online job beginning….I have not been on my blogging schedule.  Friday!  Friday!  Every single Friday.   But I’m back!    You would think I had a million and five things to blog about after two weeks, but alas I sit here with thoughts of a fairly boring management class in my head, and that is really killing the mood.

Thank God my best friend called me.

She has a two year old, and she lives in New Mexico, and she and I were separated at birth and are now plotting the marriage of our children to take over the world.   So….she gets me.

We went through our usual catch up on family, and gossip, and work stories, and then discussed the irritation of other Moms wanting to talk “baby” with you.   I get this not from my friends, who are friends for a reason- they’re cool as shit- but from people who have kids and are working in the environment you step out into.  Females I do not know come right up, look into my carriage, and say “Ooh how old?  WOW he’s huge!  Breastfeeding?  WOW he’s huge!  Does he cry a lot?  Does he have teeth?  Is he into fine wines?  What is his favorite vacation spot?” …wait…trailed off there.  Sorry.  That is what I WANT to talk about when I’m out.  Wine.  Vacations.  Travel.  Movies.  ANYTHING but how much weight he is putting on and if I chose to circumcise or not.  Maybe my kid doesn’t want you to know what his junk looks like,  Ann at Walgreens.   Maybe, Darla bringing us our pitcher at McMurphys, he wants Mommy to have a beer and catch up with her friend she hasn’t seen in months and not sit and coo and discuss her C section scar and if she goes up to pregnant women and grabs their belly… (my response – “NO” accompanied with a “you’re nuts” look that got her away from us).    Thankfully I got the chance after Darla left us to discuss my friend and his Drag Queen celeb lover he was headed to visit and what we felt about the whole Queens be haters phenom.  That is what I want!  Finn’s mommy wants to talk about drag queens and trips to Paris and how GOOD I look for just having a baby (I can talk about that one ALL DAY).   And if we choose to talk about him, great.  And if you want to tell me he is beautiful and lovely and well behaved, great.  I’ll venture some additions if I want to.

I’m not sure what it is, but women who are back in the work force, or who are removed from the super young phase seem to forget that they wanted someone to ask how they felt about the Olympic trials, or the economic crisis in Greece, and probably by pass the regurgitory count of how many diapers he makes each day.  And honestly, I really think my little dude just doesn’t think you need to know.   He may not say it now, but ask him in fifteen years.   He’ll tell you.   I think it is just the old adage – People like nothing more than to talk about themselves, and babies.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do talk baby.   I talk about my favorite little tiny person all the time.  But I just don’t want to ALL THE TIME, and generally when I have finally dragged myself out of the house and into the city I am quite excited to talk about anything but baby.  I’m serious.  Anything.  Sewage problems at your house?  I’ll discuss.   Got a wonky toe?   Dish!   I’m in.  I’ll do it.  Call me.

Here is a link to a great series of interviews of some Moms with little guys and dolls and what drives them, and drives them crazy.  A friend from high school is in there, and it is a dynamic and interesting group.  Check it out if you want to dream of blogging from home in New York or comic writing in LA.  Get em girls!  http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2012/07/workbabylife-balance-series.html