That is the link to the GOP party platform.  In discussions with my conservative friends today, I decided I should look at what they officially stand for.  All I’ve heard in this election has been “NO.  Not Obama.  No no no.”  And the “Party of NO” hasn’t shown that they have a solid unified alternate solution.       So I looked at this page and tried to decipher, just from the pictures and a little history on Republicans, what it is they plan on standing for in 2012.    Here it goes!


Jobs and Economic Growth Plan!

Inflation and Unemployment are key to lining our big corporate friend’s pockets! From 1980 on….we have encouraged this!


Foreign Policy, National Security, and Defense

We’re okay with black guys in the military now!


Energy, Environment, and Agriculture

Alternate forms of energy?!  Pfffff.    See that there?  That is oil.  Gasoline.  Texas Tea.   The smell of money, honey!


Healthcare, Education, and Labor

See these young people? They are already in debt from school, and should be in debt from private only K-12 if we have anything to do with it.  Those that can’t afford, can learn the important value of hard work. Impoverished kids should be laborers!  The sick one’s we can weed out without proper healthcare coverage.


Government Reform

‘MERICA!!!    We just want to run the government so we can give it back to the people…we swear!


Family Values and Faith Based Issues

YES!   Look at that happy hispanic family!  We are okay with this, as long as they can provide papers while driving to get groceries, and that little boy isn’t gay.   Mexican Americans are important to our party!!!  We are diverse!



So, I don’t know about you guys, but, that is what I got.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  No matter what your political ilk, please vote when you can, locally and statewide, and nationally!  It matters.  Know your values and opinions, and match them to a party that you feel fits your heart and mind.