So… I have been noticing a lot of political talk lately, and started thinking…..there must be an election or something around the corner.  hahaha.


In all this nonsense, AND OH LORD DO I HAVE MY OPINIONS, but…in all this nonsense we sometimes forget WHO we are talking about when we make these big sweeping generalizations of “people on food stamps” or “rich people” or “poor people”.  People are more than percentages.  So whether you are the 99%, or the 47%, or whatever, you must remember we are all 100% human.  Humans are kind of cool, when you get to know them.   SOME of those humans happen to be waiters and waitresses, pizza delivery guys and gals, and bar tenders.  I was a very proud, and not so rich, bar tender for years.  TIPS.  “These people” make their living off of tips.  “These people”  get a tax return because they don’t make enough in the year to meet the requirements for living wage.  The recent video of Romney discussing “these people” appears to be coming from a server table, where I’m pretty sure someone pouring his iced tea set it all up.  So with the recent comments made by Mitt Romney, regarding 47% of Americans that he doesn’t have to worry about, I give you 47% Saturday.

Just this Saturday, September 22nd, and OH GOODY the first day of fall…. wear your kicky boots out, stomp through some crunchy leaves, head to a bar/sub shop/pizza place/wherever , and thank the person that is waiting on you.  They are WAITING on you…which if you’ve ever done that job…it kind of sucks…but there are people out there who do it with a smile, and let you leave with a smile.  Maybe Romney doesn’t have to worry about those people, but I sure as hell do.  YOU NEVER PISS OFF SOMEONE WITH CONTROL OVER YOUR FOOD, DUDE.         So let’s join together in comraderie…not even really in a political sense, but in a human sense.  Regardless of party…    We’ve all been in the trenches working hard to get to something better.   Oh..well, I mean most of us have.  And there doesn’t need to be a percentage put on humanity.  Tip your server 47% this Saturday.


It’s just a really nice thing to do.   And Happy Fall, all.

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