I’ve been doing the Facebook project this month with a bit more remembrance of my 10 year mark from the rape. Well here is one friend that I met directly because of that incident. No, not my Attorney (NM’s beloved Governor btw..hahaha) – no not the detective or my therapist (they’ll be coming up this month too). No this one may surprise you.
I had to be deposed by my rapist’s counsel at the DA‘s office. And there he was…
Matt Madrid was INCREDIBLY kind to me – I want to stress that. The entire situation we had to go through together was so ugly, and so painful, and so he did his job. He did his job very well. He defended a client, and that is what attorneys do. The night that I “won” and the rapist was put away for 50+ years with no parole, my family and friends went out to celebrate. We went to El Patio, and at the bar, sat Matt…also in need of a beer. We ALL needed a lot of beers after that case. Our eyes met and he quickly looked away, so I walked up to him and said “WELL…we know who each other is, just wanted you to know I do not hold this against you.” He bought me a shot and said it was perfectly acceptable for me to hate him. I didn’t, and I’m sure he thought I was nuts, and we went about our merry way.
A year later I started tending bar at My Bros Place…and met Katrina Barney, who was a very close friend with Matt, and happened to be an occasional patron. Well……. story story story story we became what I would consider actual friends. I even got to drink really good wine at his house once, get into an argument with him, and leave his house at a rapid 20 mile an hour screech off in my car. (If any of you know Matt, you’ll know why I was driving so damn slow)
Matt is difficult. It isn’t just the attorney in him that is difficult. It is the Army Ranger in him. He is closed off, and private. He has a wicked sense of humor (wicked in both the evil and the Boston way). He enjoys partaking of the more hedonist enjoyments that a financially endowed lifestyle can allow for (HOW WAS THAT FOR PUTTING IT NICELY – THE LAW!). But the thing is, he has a dead on sense of who is good and who is full of shit, and when you are a good one, he lets you know he has your back. He knows how to have a VERY good time, but he knows how to take care of his assets, how to protect his family, son, those he cares about. He’s a pretty good guy (as long as Rumpleminz is kept to a minimum). Outside of attorney – man of the people – Matt is a golfer, he probably gets ALLLL the free perks in Vegas, he is a gun collector, he is a fine wine collector. He knows how to jump out of an airplane under fire. He has done things that Brian Williams said he’s done. He is conservative, he taught me what Memorial Day really means. He doesn’t always believe in “fair” but he fights for it when it counts. You cannot get things past him. As a former bartender for the man of the people, there is nothing more enjoyable than being on that side of the long polished oak and observing the faces Matt makes at very attractive very drunk ladies trying to discuss…anything with him.
Matt text me one day out of the blue to tell me that the length of time for appeals had been expended. He did that just to let me feel better…he did that because he cared.
Thanks for the tips, Matt. Thanks for the shot nine years ago.

❤ Thanks for being a man of the people and my friend. #TheFacebookProject