Bill McCamley
I’ll start by saying, Hey Bill, I’m doing a brief bio of “why we are friends” on Facebook and you’re up! As we only FB friend-ed very recently, you may want to know why this is happening to you. Even people who know what I’m up to want to know why this is happening to them – all good!  😉 One of my friends even said You’re going to do one on the State Rep?! And I said hell yeah I am.
So – what do I say about the State Representative from Dona Ana County? Twice elected. Democrat. Las Crucen. Aggie. Harvard Grad.

Well to begin with I know Bill because I worked with his mother Linda at Frontier Airlines (I should friend her! Just realized!) When I first met him, I told him that I knew his mom, and he informed me that everyone shakes his hand, and says “Oh I know Linda!” Well, after years of well-earned success, I’m pretty sure Bill is known on his own merits by everyone these days. Regardless, now being a mom of a son myself, I get how proud of him she always is. I went to him once, during County Commish days, to talk to him about hotel meeting space – just a sales call. He took me in to his office, asked what we had, wrote down contact numbers, gave me his info, and wanted to know how specific people were doing, how business was. For anyone who has ever done sales, you know that isn’t how it goes. That is how it goes with Bill. He gives a shit. It is why he wins elections, it is why he is perfect for New Mexico, and it is why the future is unbridled for him.
Bill, you are dashing, bright, warm and absolutely inspiring. I have always wanted to make a foray into politics, and if I do the first person I would ask for tips would be you. I am honored to watch your success, and now you have a Democratic supporter in the Kennedy land of Cape Cod.

Now get out there and kiss some hands and shake some babies!

❤ Thanks for being my friend! #TheFacebookProject