I only have about ten seconds until this post self-destructs, or as Scott Hilty says, “he pulls a Keyser Söze” and is gone…but Chet Markham is on Facebook for a minute and I am going to facebook project his face off.
I met Chet a couple years before I knew his name – at Elephant Butte, a crew of us were camping and he and some other guys came whooshing up on jet skis.
You do not forget Chet when you first meet him – he’s 6’7″ or something (okay 6’4″)…he has a confidence about him that seers directly into you, it’s intimidating at first but then he usually smiles and you decide he won’t kill you. He has THAT HAIR. It’s really good hair, you guys. Once, he was mistaken as a Denver Bronco while we were walking to a club IN Denver. He’s a big dude. He’s a great dude.

Chet is, in one word, exuberance.

Here is a run down of Chetisms. He walked down the aisle to the Star Wars theme song. (they walked together to Cranberries). He has a booming loud voice, that gets boominger and louder-er as a night with friends winds on. He loves Rush. He loves Star Wars. His amusement at others is actually what makes him incredibly funny. He loves the Broncos. He drove us to Mile High Stadium (right before the switch to Invesco) and played the Monday Night Football theme in a strategic move that was brilliant and god damn hilarious. He loves the NMSU Aggies. He once introduced himself to a friend of mine by raising his foot from behind a hotel bed to offer as a hand shake. He is loyal to a fault. He will embrace you in his life and then invite you over to play guitar hero and then not let you leave until well past lunch time four days later. If I remember correctly, Chet is a devout “Christmas” chile fan. He’s a conservaliberatarlican. Or some other wrong kind of party, but he is really fun to bounce ideas off of. He is smart – very smart, and hard working, and hard playing. He is a jeep off road club guy. He houseboats the shiz out of Powell (almost?) every year. He responds to Chip Taberski, if called. He married the MOST patient loving stunning woman ever (COURTNEY CATHERINE) and they are collectively Chetney to those that love them, and I got to sit at the bad kid’s table and witness their union.

When I was moving to Boston, Chet and Courtney couldn’t come for my going away party, so they went OUT of their way and came to Cruces to meet me for dinner a few weeks before I left. It was really special, they are really special, and I have had some wild wild times with them that always make me smile. Even the political disagreements, Chet!  I love you both and cannot WAIT to have my chance to lose my voice again yelling CHEEETTTTTTTT at you. Thanks for popping back on here for a spell.

❤ Thank you for being my friend. #TheFacebookProject
(not IN this pic, but I TOOK this pic – From Amy and Al’s wedding)