Why oh why do we call him “Hork”?…. I mean, we’re all much older now. When I met Hork it was 1996, we were 25 and under, all of us. I still couldn’t get into bars. He earned his name in the usual way – a drinking night with his frat – (Doesn’t that sound like he’s such a DB broski?! You guys just need to know that Aggie frats were not…really….a thing like that. haha) And so it stuck, and I met him as Hork, and I think it was like LAST MONTH on Facebook that I was like GREG? Ok, not last month but it was a considerable amount of time. So my friendship with Hork began in the churning belly of Club West Happy Hour. The rumbling gut of Bennigan’s 100 Beers Clover Club. The belching innards of countless poker nights – the vile indigestion of Monday Night Football….

OKAY OKAY…so maybe “Hork” fits. I got carried away.

We were at just about every social gathering we could be at together, and finally we started talking. I found Hork to be the most engaging, interesting, formidable socio-political mind of the 21st century. (pitchers of Guinness make you describe your friends like that). While I may be exaggerating slightly, he really is one of the most fair wonderful people. His opinions on everything under the sun are enlightening and usually end with this slightly high pitched giggle……THAT GIGGLE….is what makes him your forever friend. He is an accountant by trade and satirist/observer by birth. He is level – there is no roller coaster of crazy with Hork. There is only presence, witness, and Fish Shirts.

Seriously, Hork has this fish shirt…..it’s -it might actually need it’s own Facebook Project – but…the shirt is legendary. When Hork asks you to rub his belly and he’s wearing the fish shirt, you do it. is all I have to say.

Basically this post needs an audio clip of that giggle, but otherwise, I think it is simple enough to say Greg Monk is an outstanding individual, a really great friend, and I THINK I’ll be seeing him very soon! (fingers crossed)
❤ Thanks for wearing that shirt.