This is the story of one of the most resilient people I’ve ever met. It’s also the story of my best friend in high school (along with Shannon and Candace of course).Jodi Silva and I knew each other from Junior High on. We were almost always in the same classes – on the same “track” with the smarties. AP, college prep. All that. And we were band besties, which actually means besties for life, it’s a contract…we all sign it when we get fitted for uniforms. Jodi was absolutely brilliant and funny and politically charged and argumentative and wore the BEST nineties stuff (I think she owned the first Ankh choker…seriously) and made my life infinitely better every single year that we had lunch together. We all go through some stuff when we are younger, but Jodi had an illness that made some of that stuff I think a little harder than others…she had asthma. She has asthma. Despite the pumps and hospital stays and inhalers and vapo-suction-predno-pilla-lung functioning things she had to endure, she ALWAYS got right back up and rode the shit out of the horse we call education. I mean, every time… Jodi had some tough stuff…and got up and did it all again with a joke and a smile and an A on her work. (she comes by it honestly…once her grandmother fought a stray chimp that found her garage and won. YOU CANNOT MAKE UP RICHARDS FAMILY STORIES YOU GUYS) She really amazed me then, and she really amazes me now. She called me and told me she met a wonderful guy…a deputy…they were in love and getting married. I had two options that year (eleven years ago now!)…HHS reunion or Jodi’s wedding. Jodi’s wedding ALL DAY YOU GUYS. We had a great time, and it was AWESOME to see her again. Then there was the phone call that she was prego! She is now the mom of two incredible and precocious boys that could not be luckier to have her as a mom!
Jodi and I made each other cry-laugh every day, and we made it, with most of our sanity, through our teen years. She knew ALL my boy-crush secrets. I knew ALL hers. And I know she won’t tell because she can’t remember shit and I’ll blab it on here anyway. 😉 hahaha.
Jodi I love you to pieces! I love that you are happy, you rock your work, you rock your momming, you ROCK. I promised you no embarrassing high school photos.

❤ Thank you for being my friend.#TheFacebookProject