Kent Tiller and I met when he was hired on as the hot new bartender at the Hilton Hotel.
And OH was he hot and new. He completed our crew behind the bar that kept people packing Las Caras Bar – in droves. Monday Night Football working the room was NEVER the same if he wasn’t my guy. Sunday Spuds and Steak – he and I opened together (which meant I complained about my hangover and Kent opened the bar) Kent is unforgettable, from his rapid fire laugh to his impeccable dress. His eyes smile bigger than his mouth. He is the coworker that makes you excited to go to work. He is the friend that doesn’t forget to give you a call (he called me once at 3 am from Dallas just because he missed me), invite you to that pool party he’s hosting, compliment your new haircut…he’s perfection. I’m excited to “project” him today because he and another coworker of my favorite job-family Hilton crew got married this past month. The joy on his face in the pictures I’ve been seeing makes my heart burst. Kent is an intensely hard working motivated individual who deserves all the success in the world, and from those matching lapel boutonnières, gentlemen, YOU NAILED IT.
Here’s to happiness for decades to come. Here’s to wonderful memories you gave me working that room with you. Here’s to Kent and Jorge.

❤ Thanks for being my friend.

For real, look how saucy!!! I just LOVE this pic.