Today is Mrs. Wieser’s birthday.  As such I have decided to “facebook project” her.  She is one of two English teachers that insisted I write write write!  Publish a book!  Write your stories!   Well, I’ve tried and my stories are …. meh… so I’m writing all of YOUR stories.  😀

Mrs. Wieser was our English Advanced Placement teacher at Hobbs High School.  We were the pilot program of the class that would be allowed to take an AP test at the end that could count as college credit and opt you out of intro courses when you went on to a university.  She called us her “AP Babies” and we all just adored her.  Little ducklings following her dutifully down the Mississippi in Huckleberry Finn.  Having the best AND worst of times reading Tale of Two Cities.  That class- there were about 8 of us – was one of the finest learning experiences of my young career as a student.  I was seated next to the cream of the crop at our school.  Our future Valedictorian, the driven type A’s…  I was a driven type B if there can be such a thing, and Mrs. Wieser understood and embraced that.  She knew I didn’t have Harvard in my sights, but she knew I had talent, and she enjoyed reading my work.  OHHH I JUST Love love love that she would mark little red pen comments on EVERY page.  She read every page, every sentence.  There was never just a check mark without explanation.  She dove into your brain and sat in the back seat to see where you would drive her.  She used to say “All studies are gymnastics for the mind.”   She was teaching us how to learn.  She taught us how to read something and dig into why an author would FEEL that way.  Why an author would write that sentence in a time he or she was living.

She had a way of speaking to us, each word had meaning and place.  She was SO. Elegant.  So very southern and precise, but there was such a mischief in there.  One of my favorite things about social media, is the sudden expansion of your social knowledge of someone from the role they played in your life.  Mrs. Wieser was our teacher.  I, at the age of 16, didn’t think of her as a wife, a mother, someone with a past and a future – and to see her now, on Facebook, with her kids posting these gems of photos from her days as a young woman, kissing her husband, mugging for the camera, making funny faces…what joy.  What joy Mrs. Wieser brings to her family, and that translated so well into her work.  Her former students cannot help but reflect and return to her and let her know it was she who gave them that spark to write, or read, or care.   She who made us just that much better in the world.

❤ Thank you, Mrs. Wieser, my AP Momma, my elegant inspiration, my friend.


(this photo is captioned as her last day of student teaching at Heizer, a few fashion choices before I met her in the fall of 1992)