Joe Chacon​ and I met at a party at my sister’s apartment in Albuquerque. He was working with her at the UNM bookstore. I’m pretty sure he broke his foot at that party. We really knew how to party back then.
Soon after, as we Williams girls do – Colleen made him her roommate. Forever. They moved to NYC years later and were roommates. They probably are still roommates and just don’t tell people. Because of this, we consider him a legally adopted part of our family. “Brother Joe”, as we call him….(okay we don’t. We call him Cardigan….okay we don’t….Just don’t call him late for dinner!….okay I’m done) is someone I actually cannot imagine my life without. He is the best gift giver to my son – doesn’t that say so much about a person – how thoughtful their gifts are!? (I’m sorry…everyone I’ve ever gifted) He came out to me the way I wish ALL my gay friends would’ve come out to me – he fed me whisky shots at Anodyne and then told me and we hugged it out and then we crashed together at the Beene’s place and sang Madonna’s Vogue until everyone yelled at us to shut up. Actually, that really is how all my gay friends have come out to me, so …thank you.
Joe is a snappy tweedy wingtip dresser.  Debonair.  Classic.

He loves fall.

(that gets it’s own line….see that… no one loves fall as much as Joe. No one.)  He is also one of a handful of people who’s voice and mannerisms I can FEEL reading this post. He has the impossibly irresistible power of forcing you to laugh when he laughs. He is always very very calm…until you put him on the dance floor and then THIS happens:


(Joe’s dance face! THAT FACE! angry dad)

I’ve been privy by proxy to Joe’s struggles and successes via Colleen, and I don’t know if there is a more thorough study of how to push forward, from the South Valley playground bullies to the educational pursuits leading to John Jay and Forensic Psychology (I mean how cool is that?!), from seeing the worst of society to seeing the best in society, working at Rikers Island, and from the sudden loss of his mother to his own beautiful ability to bring children to see their own parents in prison…Joe’s heart is solid gold. He’s the unofficial Guardian of my sister!
Now, would I have to fight him for Chris Pratt? Yes. But Pratt is married, so Joe and I can peacefully coexist.

I love you to the ending of Mad Men and back, Joe!

❤ Thank you for being my Brother Joe.   #TheFacebookProject