When I turned 21 the Las Cruces bar scene was a hopping dive-y nightlife-filled college town.  I say that in a past-tense as anyone who knew it then knows that NOW the landscape is very different.  Back in my day we walked to The Club.  Uphill both ways.   Hurricane Alley was literally just an alley.   There was the Great American, Cowboys, Club West, Aggie Sports Connection, Las Caras at the Hilton (where I cocktailed),  and on and on.  It was at The Club where I met Mr. Scott Guthrie.  He was a big, intimidating, long twisting goateed bartender who when he spoke forced you to lean in to hear him which made him even more intimidating.  I think he may have scared me a little.  I used to follow a local band called “The Liar’s,” and he was their guitarist.   As things go in the LC, we came to know each other in the same bartender circles, and then just the same circles, and then we wound up living on the same circle.  I was Scott’s neighbor in 2008 for a year and a half (and lived across the street from the lead singer of his then band as well)…and I still miss our ‘hood.

Here is what I know about the illusive and mythological creature that is “the Scotty.”       His goatee is legendary, defining.   He is deeply kind.  He is devoted to his wife and sons and friends.   Scott is METAL.  Thrasher.  He is an independent spirit born of the patriotic live and let live political zone of thought.  He is matter-of-fact, meticulous in his movements and mathematical in his results, a perfect combination for an amazing musician and amazing bartender (again – just my *absolutely correct* theory – bartenders are the best people on earth).  He coined “Club Kitty” to my little black cat that would cruise down our street to hang out with him during happy hour and rehearsal.  He played “Shipping up to Boston” for me on the juke at Hurricane my last few weeks in Las Cruces before I moved.  He gives a lot of shits about good people, and vice versa.  I enjoy his friendship now on Facebook as a common sense respite from the daily crazy.  Is he a Yankee’s fan?  Yes.  But not everyone can be perfect at everything.  He likes the SeaHawks more, I think…

He has been in every band that has ever played in Las Cruces.   Hey is that Paul McCartney?  Oh Look Scotty’s on guitar!   Metallica?  Bieber?  There is Scott Guthrie!    Seriously…every band.  Look it up.

There were many nights closing down my bar at midnight that I would choose Scotty’s bar over any other, for the great conversation, the great drink, the great dude that he is.   I miss you!

❤ Thank you for being my Rock Stahhhh friend!   ‪#‎TheFacebookProject‬


Check out Scott in his band Cordova if you are in the area btw!