Todd J Davis and I met the way people do when on summer break from college in the southwest –

At the Hobbs Walmart!

(said with full twang)
He was standing behind me in line, I think it was the summer of 95 or 96 and I recognized his uncanny glow of ginger-fabuloso immediately. I’d seen him walking the NMSU campus – what on Earth was he doing at the Hobbs Walmart? Well, I asked him, he answered (he was from Lovington, and Lovington people, when in need of doing something, go to the Hobbs Walmart…or the Hobbs movie theater.)
We became fast friends. Todd is an instantly likable and sweet soul. He is dashing, SUPAH BUFF (he works out, like hard you guys), and I do not think he has been sans beard or some play on facial hair since I met him (remember your jet black hair?! You were so cool, Todd!!! You are so cool Todd!)

Todd went on to work for Disney (if I remember you first went to cruise ships and then settled in Orlando!) which is perfect because if there is a magical kingdom it is the hilarity and mind of Mr. Davis. He documented a trip home to Lea County once and I cry-laughed at his church selfies – his dinosaur cowboy museum breakdown… I also cry laughed at his on point facial photo-shopping into every horror movie ever for the month of October.

Todd and I haven’t seen each other since the 90’s, and I stalk him on Facebook when I need a lift to my day.
He has a little boxer girl furbaby, a brightly painted killa home, his hair stands tall, red and proud, and his eyes smile even when his mouth doesn’t. I’m super happy to know you, I’m super happy we met at that there Walmart, and I’m super happy to see you so happy in your life. SO MANY HAPPYS, I’m out!
Love hugs and all the goods!

❤ Thank you for being my friend! ‪#‎TheFacebookProject‬