Beverly Weidner and I met in the hallowed halls of Hobbs High School. (ALLITERATION!)

I don’t have a photo of the Bev in HS, but I can tell you that when I see a pair of plaid Doc Martens her image instantly pops in my head.

Beverly is effervescent. I remember her as someone you just felt happy to talk to. She was always encouraging, always present, light and joyous – bright eyed. The girl we all wanted to be in high school.


But no, she is. She has a Disney princess voice. She was a lead character in HHS Glee, and went on to sing in grunge bands. I say grunge because I’ve only seen pics of she and her now hubs in lots of flannel. They could’ve been singing hymnals for all I know – but I do know she can belt out a tune.
Bev went on to leave a 9-5 and boldly go where no one from Hobbs has gone before – the world of foodie blogs. In true Bev form, she knocked it out tha pahk. (I can say it that way as I’m in Massachusetts now). SHE, however, is in Missourah. When I talk about how people from my Senior class are talented and successful, I point wildly in the direction of Mizz Weidner. This blog….THIS BLOG…. if you aren’t following it daily then I just don’t know what you are doing with your lives except eating PBJs all day and being sad. CHECK IT….
Within the blog she lets you peek in on her amazing décor, amazing dishes, and amazing family – which is why I can say she has the cutest twinsies I’ve ever seen. (Don’t tell my Jim – he’s a twin) So really, just subscribe to that lil blog down there and she writes her story for me.

Bev you are an inspiration to me!

❤ Thanks for being my friend with flair.   🙂 #‎TheFacebookProject‬

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