I met Will Beakley my Freshmen year at NMSU, in the dark den of a computer lab that we snuck into late at night.

The year was 1994. The game – Descent. It was there, in the thick of Jansport backpacks and scientific calculators, with fledgling adult males discussing Linux machines and Netscape, that I encountered my first taste of what would become the modern day computer geek – you know, that guy you went to school with who makes a helluva lot more money than you now? The room was FULL OF EM. I chose my screenname “Mantis” … because she eats the head off the male after…..anyhoo – and I flew my little spaceship in a 3D universe trying to blow a reactor – and I had fun. Will sat next to me, and actually coached me a little on how to not die. Those guys were so nice to me, and it was there that I learned a few things about how to communicate with an early 90s dude. The music is really the best thing (okay, for ME) about the burgeoning 90s video game explosion – and Will FULLY embraced the soundtrack to his gamer god existence and his real life. Speaking of real life, he went on to graduate, become a programmer, rip all his hair out researching code (you like that? 😉 ) and move to Phoenix where he met and married the most beautiful (and still best wedding dressed evahhh) Addie E Lafferty-Beakley, and have the most beautiful and precocious little Zoe, and become what can only be described as Grilling Gourmet Metal Dad of the Year.
Will is such a kind and wonderful soul. He and I really hit it off back in that dungeon of nerds (hehehe) and we were fast friends from then on out (funny enough he was ALWAYS the surprise friend of my next boyfriend haha…what like I had a type or something?) He was my dark malty beer swilling bud, he was ALWAYS my bouncer at every party I threw (there were many…I think I owe you some money), he was my big protector in a mosh pit or my big protector on campus – he was just always caring about all of us. There are pictures of Will at pajama jammy jams…that I do not have and sadly will not be able to put here. but I have faith in the rest of you that they will be found. I hope that some day we can get our kids together and I can sip Sangria with Addie because I know we would click as fast as anyone!

I’m proud to be your friend and love that we can share toddler hell stories now!
This is your photo, Will, from Halloween at Chameleons… the Ulcer show.
I think it probably says more than my ramblings. I loves ya! 🙂
❤ Thank you for being my friend#TheFacebookProject

— with Will Beakley.