Today is the day that the New Horizon spaceship Instagrams its pic of the coldest, rockiest, off – kilter planet (I’m from New Mexico so it’s a planet) from the Sun, Pluto.  Today is also Bastille Day, France’s “Let them eat cake” revolution.  Big day, Earthlings.   Big day because, also, on this day, Ma and Pa Hilty a few moons ago birthed a Stimpy.  Scott Hilty (aka Stimpy Bear, Stimp).

I met the gruff and grumble Stimp in the Fall of 1996, his abrasive icy exterior was my own planet Pluto – and I figured my fly-by would be short.  I was wrong.  As a solid member of my friend group then, and roommate to Jeff and Drake (and many others before) at the Kappa Sig Chisolm Trail party house (NOBODY TOUCH THE WHITE DISHTOWELS), he and I softened up to one another and slowly but surely became tolerant (albeit many an eye roll from Scott) of one another’s presence.  Finally I was coerced into picking up Scott from the El Paso airport at Christmas and we would drive, the two of us, alone, in my car to Albuquerque to meet with our crew.  That trip changed everything.  For the first time we HAD to talk to one another, and we haven’t stopped since.  I was christened “chick” – which is Stimp for “you’re okay with me, we can communicate now.”  We not only had interesting conversation, but we also shared humor, a need for connection and gathering with our people, and in the end (who knew!?) THE LAW!

Scott left his undergrad at NMSU with guns blazing on the Rodeo USA dance floor in full “Eff you, eff you, eff you, you’re cool…eff you” and face planted in my lap (I mean to be fair EVERYONE was buying him shots)before heading on up to UNM for Law School.  Then University of Houston post grad, then Dallas (I don’t think he missed an Aggie Lobo game in all those years).  I got HORRIBLY lost once trying to visit him on a work trip – he lived “Oh just an easy turn off the Dallas High Five Interchange”… I pulled into his parent’s driveway at 1 in the morning shaking, the door opened, I was handed the strongest Bombay Sapphire and Tonic I’ve ever had, my cigarette lit by George (Pa Hilty), and I became an honorary family member.

I honestly have too many endearing stories with this man, which is why he is my Brostie 4 lyfe.   (I have that tattooed in Olde English on my back)  (no I don’t)     He is the male version of me.  Angry, unruly when pushed too far, a perfectionist, loud and declarative, opinionated, loyal, moody.  But Scott has shown me in all these years that someone like us also has the ability for great understanding and calm – he and I both have taken a role as caretaker, final hand hold in this realm, of our loved ones passing from Cancer.  (he his mom and I my best friend).  He was my behind the scenes (and necessary) friend/attorney/counsel during my rape trial and beyond.  Perhaps we received a deeper need for connection with our people because of life experience…a deeper spiritual feeling about why things happen, and the meaning of life.  Zen Stimp is a very good place to be, and he has found his zen and his “Broad” – broad is Stimp for “I love you”, and Stimp met this broad Jamie:


I can’t say I’ve ever seen him so happy.  Content… centered…  it comes with age, with a great partner, some yoga…mad crazy amounts of facial hair (Stimp can grow a helluva woodland face pet).   It also comes with great beer (and PBR), great food (blueberry bread and BEYOND), great friends – Scott has surrounded himself with his passions and it shows.

I am eternally grateful to my Brostie Scott.  For keeping me up to date on what you crazy Burquenos are doing, to making sure I’m doing okay wayyy out here, talking me down off some ledges and throwing me a cheers pic (we started the picture cheers when I had my one night/one beer a week outing after Finn was born, just to feel like a human being again and with no one I knew around…that among other things has helped me find a light in some dark places).    Thank you thank you thank you.

❤ For being my friend.   #TheFacebookProject

I’d give you a lip print dome today if I could.  Happy Birthday.  GIT PLOWED.  😉