Have you found that person yet – you know the one – from grade school that just vanished one year?  And everyone asked what ever happened to so and so?  And then you see them miraculously appear on Facebook and you say Holy Hotness Batman because they grew up to be a cowboy straight out of a Sandy Bullock/Reese Witherspoon RomCom?     NO?   Well then you didn’t go to elementary school with Stacy Shepherd, did you?!  Look at this!  stacy

Amiright ladies?

Well it turns out Ol Stacy got himself a nice little slice a heaven in the desert of Arizona (I do not know why I went full Western narration so I’ll stop).    Here is the deal.  I met Stacy in Mrs. Stewart’s 5th grade class.  We went on to spend 6th grade in Mr. Buck Walker’s class (The OG…the man the myth the legend that inspired Stacy to be the kind of guy that tips his hat and opens doors)   – this is Stacy with Mr. Walker, as he sat in my memory for the good part of 25 years –


Isn’t he a cutie?  That tie…the smile…  and…Stacy wasn’t too bad either.  😉  Every single girl had a crush on him.  He was funny, warm, inviting, and for me personally he was memorable and kind.   My hair and I had a pretty rough go of it for 6th and 7th grade.  I mean…really I was beyond awkward.  Tall, a perm that should not have happened, the fashion sense of …well no one sensible, it was the Wonder Years for me.  The Paul Wonder Years.   I still do not allow pictures from that time to be released from the vault.  Stacy carried my books for me one particularly rough day in 6th grade, because he obviously has a momma who taught him how to be decent.  He sat next to me in Mrs. Cearly’s 7th grade Life Skills class and we would joke about things, he’d fill me in on Horror films I didn’t watch, he would do his Woody Woodpecker impersonation.  He never once made me feel as dorked out as I looked (haha).  He never once treated me like I was different.  That made a big impression on me – and it was a sad sad day when we arrived after the summer to an 8th grade with no Shepherd.

Time marches on, and here we are – Stacy now a business owner for over a decade and I met him just in time for quite a life change leap.  He is a Team Roper (that means he is one of the guys on a big Quarter with cow sense fah dayyysss and he lassos and/or ties a steer), and has decided to go Pro and start a ministry along with it (I think you should call it HOLY COW but… your idea is probably better).  stacy2

He is centered, focused, traditional.  I asked him to tell me a little about his past and he said “I’ve been in love” which was like AWWWWEEE because it takes a special person to note that as a marker in their life.  Stacy is special.  I think back to him making my time on the blue marble easier, and I can see that he has honed those gifts and makes a lot of people feel that same way today.

All of life’s blessings to you, Stacy!  The universe is about to release the gate…

❤ Thank you for being my friend   #TheFacebookProject