I have not met you. We absolutely should meet, though.
Jane (IF THAT REALLY IS YOUR NAME) (IT’S NOT)(RIGHT?) is one of my sister’s friends in NYC. She is an absolutely inspirational writer. She wears her heart on her sleeve but it’s a really strong heart so it’ll kick your ass if you mess with said sleeve. She is passionate about race relations and fairness and understanding in this country, and is often deeply concerned about the future. I think this not only stems from her love of her wonderfully gifted children, but also from her upbringing and world view which I had tiny glimpses of by reading through her blog. She’s a transplant from the South, and I believe she is headed home to SC soon – after a very long time away – and I’m excited to see her past and present and future collide and make some really great memories (healing and happy preferred) from her trip.
I think we share similar ideologies. She has taught me a great deal more about WHY I believe as I do, and WHY I consider myself a Democrat and an advocate. She has inspired me to be more open and honest in my writing and to not candy-coat. She challenges me in my own thoughts constantly on here, which is always refreshing and invigorating. Jane taught me what white privilege means, to look at every story from ten different angles, and that passive irritation at the media isn’t helping our children’s very real future.
Outside of all that heavy stuff, Jane and I could probably really enjoy a binge watch of shows on TV together, I would LOVE to go out on one of her rare outings because I think she would give me more music than I could handle to love. She is married to a DJ/Musician, she is wildly sentimental, she has a shock of pink hair and the most beautiful smile that radiates genuine joy.
I hope your trip home is filled with that joy. Thank you for teaching me and keeping me enlightened, and for that hot wheels tip.

❤ Thank you for being my friend.  #TheFacebookProject