Katrina Barney and I met on my first night training as the new bartender at My Brothers Place. At the end of the night I had my inaugural shot of Rumplemintz with her, and then we moved in together and lived happily ever after (it’s really my thing, see…I meet someone, we do a shot, we move in…)

We wound up being THE BEST of friends/sisters/confidants. I have a hard time trying to condense all the memories into one brief story with some people, and Katrina is no exception. Aside from persuading me to leave one of the most deeply unhappy relationships of my life and break into my future, she also spans a decade of being right by my side in choosing to go get that Masters in Entomology (I mean, so it didn’t go as planned, but…she prompted my return to academia and a feeling like I could really do more), in living with me at our favorite favorite house ever – hosting some of the most wonderful gatherings – sitting up until the wee-est of hours discussing politics and history – holding allll the hands as our mutual best friend Lisa lived with and died from cancer.

Katrina and I have shaken our heads at each other’s boy choices, and applauded some. When one of us had the day off from the bar, we would go to the bar and wait until the other closed up. I was her Plus One cross-country wedding date. We were the cutest Harry Potter and Wonder Woman ever. She was my “surprise present” from Jim in Boston one year where we tore up the Duck Boats, and she and I have visited each other each year since. She is incredibly smart but always leads with her heart, and I cannot say it has lead her wrong. She went from a Geography Grad mapper to a Nurse – and because of a very specific incident where Katrina “took care of” an injured rodent from Lucky dog once – I really knew she had that in her. She is the only person that understands Southland Tales with me. We made a pact once, during the “end of days” craze in movies and media, that we would never kill the other for food. That’s big you guys. That’s real love. (I also bring it up because it contractually still stands and I don’t want her to forget)

She is my garage party moving day Boston Commons Yeungling West Virginia NMSU travel luck Billiards Caldo desert soul mate. We really do always pick right back up – in life and in conversation.

I don’t know how I ever could’ve made it through my thirties without you, seriously.
Every time I visit you I promise to always leave a little something behind because it means I love you 😀

❤ Thank you for being my best friend. ‪#‎TheFacebookProject‬