Sometimes I try and hold back on my memorystravaganzas when someone is going through something… and – trust me if you ever feel alone, you’d be surprised at how many people are going through lots of somethings, and let me know to wait. So I almost waited today. This month is one of giving thanks…and I decided I’m going to go ahead when she probably needs it…and give thanks to meeting and being honored with the friendship of one Reina Dotson.
She and I met my Sophomore year at NMSU. A close knit bunch of us had all spent our Frosh year defining ourselves, and in came a new roommate for me. Looking back – I mean, we were 19 and 20 years old! Wow. And we clicked right away. Reina and I wound up being roommates for the remainder of my college years, from Alumni dorm room, to Vista Del Monte, to our stint with Cameron (oh boy), to our final home together on Boston Street – site of the greatest Halloween party, and Graduation Party, that ever was. We very seriously have too many stories to put into print.
It still amazes me – you could not find two different spectrums of people. I am impulsive, she is planned. I am emotional, she is calm. I drink tequila, she talks dirty in Spanish. – (nope, leaving it…it’s true. 😉 ) While I was busy building my social empire, she was busy building her career, which led to a job with NASA training astronauts, and continuing degrees as an Engineer to her current work with Intel. She is wicked…wicked smart. Reina has the ability to look at a problem and dissect it into parts, rebuild, and create a new and better whole. We had a fairly memorable falling out at our graduation – I was removed from the bridesmaid list…it was bad, and we didn’t speak for a year or two. I still don’t remember who emailed or called, but we did, and we decided to meet up in Houston where she was living, and just rebuild a better whole. And we did.
From that point on, yearly plane trips and phone calls -through falling out of love, and falling back in, running down the streets of Manhattan, meeting at the top of a mountain in Colorado, the loss of loved ones, trauma, new homes, new cities, new babies, old memories and new stories, she was even a surprise fly in guest at my baby shower!…we kept our new friendship in tip top shape by accepting one another as what we were always meant to be – the friend that supports you no matter what. Reina has always supported me, crazy me, focused me, happy or sad me. I will always do the same for her. She met one heckuva wonderful man, and they have two beautiful children, and while she supports her family during a difficult period (that they too, will overcome), I can lend a shoulder as she has always done for me.


Reina, Beth Parkhurst and I were roommates on the day we all threw our caps in the air and walked into our futures as college grads, and we’ve since formed “Team Walt” (from a very funny incident involving a man named Walt and an amazing NYC getaway you could put into a movie). As always and forever, none of us are alone in this beautiful fight we call life.

❤  Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for being my friend.‪#‎TheFacebookProject‬