Katrina Barney invited me one fall to meet her family in Pennsylvania. We were both bartenders and had the time off, and I couldn’t pass up a chance to have a Yuengling beer in it’s native land and see some Amish people drive their little horse buggies. I saw plenty of Yuengling and plenty of Amish on that trip, and best of all I met Meghan Fausset, Kat’s cousin.
Meghan is absolutely beautiful. She has a Grace Kelly profile, polished and proper. Think of a quiet Southern woman who has her act together, but when she needs to make a point, you better get out of the way. She’s a delight with children (she is my son’s first crush), she’s a delight to chat with, she’s just a delight. She is a teacher, a military wife, an intelligent focused woman with dreams and goals – and try as it might, someone who cannot be stopped by cancer. She is a survivor – I deeply dislike having to give the big C any credit in this story, but the credit is Meghan’s, as she has handled this battle like a warrior. She is rooted in family and God’s love, she is someone who lives life the way it should be lived – with kindness, with fun, with spirit and fight – and with damn good shoes gurrrll…:)
I was so lucky to meet her those 7 years ago. She then came out to visit us in NM for her 21st birthday and we TORE IT UP. Okay, we went to a wine and cheese party, but we still TORE IT UP. She macarena’d and Thriller danced and everything! Meg has visited me out here on Cape. She saved me from a man with a band aide on his face…long story, and yes we did call him Nelly. She’s a joy to be around- poised and gracious and someone I’m very happy to call a friend.
Here’s to 7 more years and 7 more after that ….okay seriously we’re pretty young so… and 7 and 7 and … you get the point. Love you Meghan!<3 Thank you for being my friend! ‪#‎TheFacebookProject‬ ‪#‎TeamMeghan‬