I’ve known Lori Estrada since she was knee high to a duck.

I have ALWAYS wanted to use that phrase. I’m done. My life is complete.
Anyway, Lori f/k/a Eggleton was my little sister’s best friend when Skip Bo and Nintendo NES were part of our vocabulary. My sister would call her on our corded house phone to ride her bike over and watch New Kids On The Block videos and learn the dance moves. Because of this, Lori is one of only about four people on earth that have ever seen me do the full Hangin Tough dance, and it will not be mentioned again. This post will self destruct in five…four…

In my mind, the girls my sister hung out with back then are still twelve. Lori is a 12 year old with a full time job as a radio DJ and has two beautiful (and RAD AS HELL) children. She is the coolest mom, her kids are minimetalheads, she is creative and artistic. She is holding down the fort in Hobbs America, making sure rock and roll and metal never die, and doing a phenomenal job at it. Girl makes a Slayer T-shirt look gooooood. Long blonde curls, deep eyes, and a couples-matching Jaws tattoo that is out of this world.

In all seriousness, Lori has been down some highways to hell, she has experienced deep loss, learned lessons about people and life that some of us have seen, and some of us will never see. Lori is a kick ass baaad mutha shut yo mouth and a survivor. The best kind of survivor – with humor, a love for life that spills out of her to her friends and family, a joy inside that never could be squashed. Maybe it was all that goofy dancing we did when you were 12.

Lori you were my favorite little sister friend, you were an unforgettably unique exquisite gem then, and you’ve only polished up to be more so now. I absolutely adore you.
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1. What I think Lori looks like.lori1 2. What Lori actually looks like.lori2

3. What my backyard on Cape Cod actually looks like.jaws.jpg