Ahhh Spring. The first sign of Spring is a robin. A Marci Robin!
Marci is a connection through my sister Colleen, and they met in the fashion/PR/beauty-editing juggernaut that is NYC. I adore her for the usual big sister reasons. She’s a great friend to my little sis, she’s a smart, quick tongued whip of a woman with vocal stances on everything from cleavage to lipstick shade, best friends to Congressional hearings. You don’t get to chill on a swing set with my sister or sing in britpop choir without that kind of badassery. But I also have found a joy and friendship in her for myself as we share that background of little girls spending hours immersed in magazines – that shared understanding that makeup, fashion, the design and work of it all is actually art. Marci went on to New York with that same passion that my sister had for bringing the art to life and they met. They hit in a prime time of beauty marketing in an industry that is fickle and mean and ugly if you don’t paint it up just so – keep its brows on fleek – But like the perfect nude lip Marci seems to navigate trends and jump on the wave perfectly. She landed a job with Jane Pratt.
***I’m going to let that sit for any of my nineties sisters who spent some time in the pages of Sassy and may or may not have made their own sugar face scrubs and floral cork sandals****
I mean – JANE PRATT. And she Adorably fangirls out on her boss daily, and writes beauty (and beautiful) content for xojane. Social media was MADE for Marci. She is unabashedly honest, fair, funny, provocative. She took us all down a heartbreaking path of elder dog parenting, and lifted us up with stories on why not everyone has kids, and why all women’s voices are viable and worthy. She self deprecates in a way that brings a reader not just safely up to the watering hole, but jumping in with a bikini because swimsuit season is here and we should all just be happy with our lady bods.
Marci is girl power packed into a photogenic punchy firecracker of a human. She is an advocate for fairness and good people. The slumber party pillow fight you always wanted with your besties, on the page. If you need a soap box she’ll come scrambling with a lavender honey organic hand-crafted number to push under your feet. Heck she even gave loudmouth ME a platform for voice a time or two.
❤ Thank you for being my friend. #TheFacebookProject