You know who would be my best friend and we would have mani – pedi dates and meet for Friday happy hour after the firm closes and send each other office notes if we worked together just to crack each other up, and agree on what movie to see and where to eat, and call each other about the SNL episode this week, and probably take girl weekend vacays to the Caymans and drink many an umbrella drink and laugh and laugh and laugh some more?
Diane Seltzer Torre. That’s who.
But we have not met – she is a “facebook friend” and sister of my sister’s real friend Marci… and ODDLY enough worked as an EMT with my Daniel Barnaby Cornielius Dan Norton (who is from my hometown and I ALSO have not met)…. we’re a gaggle of star crossed nutsos is what we are. Diane is an attorney who is teaching THE LAW, has two incredibly smart and gifted children moving effortlessly into adulthood, a hottie fireman for a hubs, a prior hubs that is a supportive co-parent, she has two furbaby cats that possibly drive cars, she has a recent empty nesting cooking/baking obsession, and for the helluvit creates realistic wine spill glasses to punk her friends on important papers or white couches.
I know we haven’t met – I feel that someday we really should. Especially with Dan because then we could say “So a Catholic, a Jew, and an Atheist walk into a bar…” You embody a spirit that I find comforting and inspirational and absolutely fun. As much as you always tell me I make you laugh, you slay me! I’m so glad we have all these people in common. hahaha.

❤ Thank you for being my friend. ‪#‎TheFacebookProject‬