There is an event in New Mexico that only New Mexicans understand. And of those New Mexicans only those who attended NMSU or UNM understand. And of those students really only those who attended NMSU or those who dated/loved/friended/married/were related to an NMSU Aggie understand.
That event……….
Is Aggie/Lobo. It is a yearly rivalry football game with two completely awful football teams and two groups of the MOST beer filled fans in the United States.
My first ever meeting of Jamie Tenorio was at “Aggie/Loob” in Albuquerque. I was in the middle of a keg stand (okay I wasn’t…I was too old by this time hahaha…but I DID have a red solo cup beer in hand) and was hauled off by Chet and Janna and told I HAD to go meet Jamie, as she was at her work tent in Lobo country and they had fancy drinks.

So I did meet this broad named Jamie that day, and she did give me a fancy drink in the hot setting sun and she was the most instantly friendly, warm, effervescent person I think I’d ever met. I lived in Las Cruces and she in Albuquerque, and as such we really never got a chance to hang out again. Then one magical day my friend Scott Hilty mentioned he was seeing someone named Jamie. And I was THE MOST excited because not only had I known he had a little crush on her wayyyy back when, but here she was, my favorite fancy drink friend, dating one of my best friends. It’s always nice when people you care about fall in love with someone that doesn’t make anyone nervous or concerned. Jamie is that wonderful person. She is beautiful, she is fun, she enjoys travelling, she is HELLA smart and probably overworked and underpaid (jussssayin MOVE HERE 😉 ). She is the person you want around to lift your spirits, the person that is the rock when others crumble, and the person you want your best dude friend to live with and be happy with and grow old with and all those good things. I wish I had spent more time with her, and of course moving entirely across the nation didn’t make it easier, but I can tell how happy she makes the people I did spend tons of time with, and how much better they are because they have her in their lives. Jamie is a giving and driven woman with really good taste in cocktails and beer.  VERY SOON we will get a chance to hang out again, and I know it will be fantastic!

❤ Thank you for being my friend. ‪#‎TheFacebookProject‬