WHY OH WHY would anyone want to write a brief bio about how they met and friended (IRL) each and every one of their Facebook friends?  Why would anyone do that?!   Well…

I decided to start writing about each of my friends for a couple of reasons.  One is that I have two people who bet I couldn’t do it.  I mean, that’ll always get me to do something.  Another is that I have seriously, ridiculously interesting friends.   The forging of each friendship usually comes with a funny story – and I think life is nothing without a bazillion funny stories to tell.  Probably the biggest reason I’m doing this, is that I needed to remind myself that I am someone worthy of having these types of people in my life, and that I can make friends again.  I moved once in the 4th grade from Brockton, MA to Hobbs, NM.   That was a pretty traumatic loss of friendship for me, and I didn’t experience it again until five years ago, when I, like a wild salmon, rid myself of all my belongings, and headed away from the exquisite state of New Mexico back to the Boston area…where I spawned a wee.  I had a little baby boy, my new best friend with my partner Jim, away from everyone in my life that had held me up for so long.  Despite my best efforts to blame the difficulty of making NEW friends on having a little toddler, the fact is it just gets harder, whether you have a little dude or not.  You move, you grow older, you look at forty ticking near, and people don’t want to trust or open up to you, and you don’t want to trust and open up to them.  So this is my homage to the days when I was nothing but trust and openness…  in a way, to try and keep that spark alive inside.

These stories of my friends are overwhelmingly positive.  Do I know their dark sordid secrets and ugly souls?  You’re damn right I do, and that is between me and them and possibly another blog later on with changed names 😉  This is not the place for the ugly or the catty…because anyone who knows great friends knows that they are only worth the “great” title if you go through the ringer a few times.   This is my memorializing, my homaging, my making-up-wordsing blog in honor of the most important thing that keeps us young and alive.

The Facebook Project.